Break the Silence Event

Reviews left by narva9

Sat, Jun 21 8:55 PM narva9 review of Ultima Vez by Scott Altham
Lovely, ethreal and fragile. I'm a great fan of Sylvia's thank you f...
Sat, Jun 21 8:49 PM narva9 review of Miss Miss Kiss Kiss by Alex
It seems like I've been following KT all night. Another great treatment of a wo...
Sat, Jun 21 8:46 PM narva9 review of A Capella Miss Miss Kiss Kiss by Kaer Trouz
Okay that's it. Stop being so great. These vocals are awesome and the words are...
Sat, Jun 21 8:44 PM narva9 review of Till My I & Eyes Die by Loveshadow
Lovely mix. It's so infectious. It plays up the words which are wonderful and ...
Sat, Jun 21 8:38 PM narva9 review of Dirtbag (Ungus Remix) by ungus
Nice mix. I had forgotten how much I liked this song...and Brad. Thanks for jog...
Sat, Jun 21 8:34 PM narva9 review of When you said yes by Carosone
Lovely and laid back. I like the the jazzy earthy "she could be singing in front...
Tue, Jun 17 10:45 PM narva9 review of C'Mon by teru
Okay I really like this. Very Sheryl Crow-esque.
Tue, Jun 17 10:42 PM narva9 review of Where I Stand by MC Jack in the Box
Beautiful! n9
Tue, Jun 17 10:41 PM narva9 review of The Wrong Ends of Love by Loveshadow
Is there anything that you can't do. Really it's a bit disturbing. Throw me a ...
Sun, Jun 15 7:29 PM narva9 review of Perfume - Remix by shakil
A very unusual combination. I like it...especially the KT parts :) n9
Sun, Jun 15 7:26 PM narva9 review of Fragile Getaway by radiotimes
I am very sorry to hear about your friend. I am honoured that you chose this son...
Sun, Jun 15 12:38 AM narva9 review of Walk on by Carmot
Thank you for the lovely remix. It might be an idea to upload a MP3 version of ...
Sat, Jun 14 12:21 PM narva9 review of Same Old School but Brand New Cap by radiotimes
Great vocals. great words. great mix. n9
Sat, Jun 14 12:13 PM narva9 review of I used to sing in the shower by oldDog
Gosh I love this! A wonderful somewhere between "wash that man right out of my ...
Sat, Jun 14 12:01 PM narva9 review of Who the hell are you ? by shakil
Very beautiful. I agree with duckett, it think it's wonderful as is. n9