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Reviews left by musikpirat

Fri, May 20 1:49 PM musikpirat review of I Dreamt by Jeris
Give us more stuff like this - so I can pick it as the Catch of the day. :) htt...
Thu, May 19 1:31 PM musikpirat review of Set Yourself Free (It´s Your Turn) by onlymeith
Catch of the day!
Tue, May 17 2:18 AM musikpirat review of A Weekend Poem by Zep Hurme
Didn't find the time to go fishing in the last days. Glad that I found it today ...
Thu, May 12 2:00 PM musikpirat review of The Key by Admiral Bob
Due to some problems I could not select a catch of the day yesterday. Picking th...
Thu, May 12 2:12 AM musikpirat review of Vieja Escuela by mikolahjacksona
Nice one! But is the upload corrupt? The ending of the song is pretty abrupt.
Tue, May 10 1:46 PM musikpirat review of Love a Man by SackJo22
To be honest, It took me to approaches to recognize the beauty of the song. Well...
Mon, May 9 1:14 PM musikpirat review of Small Back Room by Pitx
This one is the Catch of the day!
Sun, May 8 1:45 PM musikpirat review of Summertime by Scomber
No Pina Colada within range, so I have to stick to some scotch. :) http://musik...
Sun, May 8 5:05 AM musikpirat review of F*KING BOUNCE by vantage600
Great beat - but the end is to abrupt.
Sat, May 7 1:29 PM musikpirat review of WOMAN by mykleanthony
Wow, this song has done a pretty long journey. Just wish, the outro would be a ...
Sat, May 7 1:27 PM musikpirat review of September Rain by narva9
Very nice song - so it's the catch of the day! http://musik.klarmachen-zum-ae...
Fri, May 6 2:34 PM musikpirat review of Inferno is a place on earth by Hans Atom
Yep, this is the catch of the day!
Wed, May 4 12:54 PM musikpirat review of Give It Up-Urban Mix by J.Lang
No easy choice today - but this track made it. :) Catch of the day! http://mu...
Tue, May 3 11:21 AM musikpirat review of Dyeing by Benjamin Orth
No need to listen to today's other uploads - this one is the Catch of the Day! ...
Sun, May 1 12:41 PM musikpirat review of Ear Comes To Snow by Zep Hurme
Nice remix - and the Catch of the day! http://musik.klarmachen-zum-aendern....