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Reviews left by musikpirat

Tue, Aug 9 1:22 PM musikpirat review of This by MadAsAHatter
Great hypnotic beat - and a excellent usage of the spoken word. Catch of the da...
Mon, Aug 8 12:50 PM musikpirat review of Head Strong by Jeris
Pretty smooth - and thus the Catch of the day! http://musik.klarmachen-zum-aend...
Sun, Aug 7 1:12 PM musikpirat review of Build by CSoul
Catch of the day!
Thu, Aug 4 1:27 PM musikpirat review of Lied Nr.1 - Schönen Tag, der Herr by Alex
Great. Just great.
Wed, Aug 3 11:38 PM musikpirat review of Fools Paradise. HelanaJ and Per Alpert by Loveshadow
Sounds totally natural, as if the acapella was made for this song.
Wed, Aug 3 7:13 AM musikpirat review of The Enchanted (umbra summi nobis- feat sangrena ) by Jeris
Great transformation of the song! Are you interested in getting the right to use...
Wed, Aug 3 1:45 AM musikpirat review of Ein Schöner Tag by Alex
In my ears the second and third "Heut' ist ein schöner Tag" in the refrain shou...
Tue, Aug 2 12:48 PM musikpirat review of I want your money by 2hands
Great blend - more of this style please. :) --> Catch of the day http://m...
Mon, Aug 1 12:37 AM musikpirat review of given the speed of trees by shawn caza
Usually I'm not a fan of massive mashups, but this one is great! This is the Cat...
Sun, Jul 31 1:05 PM musikpirat review of Indelible Choices by Mana Junkie
Great! Catch of the day!
Thu, Jul 28 1:03 PM musikpirat review of internet summercamp by septahelix
Lovely weird song - Catch of the day!
Wed, Jul 27 1:26 PM musikpirat review of Mississippi Kite by Geert Veneklaas
Very nice song! This one is caught. :)
Wed, Jul 27 1:25 PM musikpirat review of Game Face by morgantj
Reminds me of a DJ Vadim song: Wis...
Tue, Jul 26 12:55 PM musikpirat review of BUG OUT (Abox J feat. FORENSIC) by Abox J
Nice flowing beat and melody. Gonna catch it. :) http://musik.klarmachen-zum-...
Sun, Jul 24 12:44 PM musikpirat review of Dance In The Rain (Rainy July) by 7OOP3D
Make the rain some warmer... :)