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Reviews left by morgantj

Sun, Jan 18 9:26 AM morgantj review of Silence - DJ-K featuring Shannonsongs - Club-Danceversion by DJK
Wow. I think I just had a pleasurable flash-back. Sometimes the vocals reminded ...
Tue, Sep 23 6:08 PM morgantj review of sunrise dubwise by cuyudread
That was fun! I love dub. Great job. I like the light airy feel mixed with a dub...
Tue, Sep 16 5:46 PM morgantj review of november (household percussion mix) by places_to_know
Beautiful. I love beats created with real natural sounds. that is my style. The ...
Tue, Sep 16 5:40 PM morgantj review of You Hoe by Djpoko1
Great sound and melody! Can really move to this track. I did think that panning ...
Wed, Sep 3 5:29 AM morgantj review of Android Girlfriend by teru
WOW, windsheild wipers never sounded so good. :) Nice job.
Sat, Aug 16 11:17 AM morgantj review of The ground's on fire (feat. Kristin Hersh) by Geert Veneklaas
This is awesome, The electronic beat goes nice with the ambiance. I can see this...
Sat, Aug 16 11:07 AM morgantj review of Maybe Someday Blues by oldDog
mmm, the jazzy bass drew me right in. I love it. Smooth and flowin. It made me w...
Sat, Aug 16 11:03 AM morgantj review of Believe It Or Not by Alex
Very good production and quality. I like everything about the beat, sounds, and ...
Sat, Aug 16 8:22 AM morgantj review of Freedom (Waking Mix) by vo1k1
Very well composed. I didn't just merely listen to it, because it was composed s...
Sat, Aug 9 11:40 PM morgantj review of Show Me Something (A Cappella) by Songboy3
Beautiful male voice, perfect tune and rhythm, everything just right. Franks aca...
Tue, Aug 5 8:31 AM morgantj review of April (Calendargirl/Nurykabe mashup) by Meat_Raffle
Groovy. Soothing cool vocals, ambience, and beat. I like it.
Tue, Aug 5 5:30 AM morgantj review of Frozen Minimalist by innabar
Many good dark ambient sounds.
Sun, Aug 3 8:56 AM morgantj review of Train of Thought by misterC
I love this. Absolutely awesome. Perfect name for it too.