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Reviews left by morgantj

Sat, Jun 13 11:25 PM morgantj review of WobbleStep by The3amAssociation
Nice to hear some dubstep-ish bass on CCmixter. Funny to remix these vocals too....
Sat, Jun 13 6:22 PM morgantj review of Low (Ghostrust reflection) by _ghost
I love dubstep, nice to see someone here composing in this genre. Almost like am...
Sat, Jun 13 6:18 PM morgantj review of Solitosis by _ghost
This is awesome! Absolutely beautiful. One of my favorites.
Sat, Jun 13 4:06 PM morgantj review of Wayo Wayo (Start Select Mix) by Sharp
Excellent. Everything fits perfectly together. Like the subtle 8-bit accents.
Sat, Jun 13 4:00 PM morgantj review of Not a Fool (In Control) by Scott Altham
Nice and clean. Like the sounds a lot. Not crazy about the vocals. In the beginn...
Sun, Jun 7 5:32 PM morgantj review of Ms. V's Circus by DJ_Ruinsalot
HAHAHAHA! Hilarious! Though I could see this using the same tune and transformed...
Mon, May 25 5:24 PM morgantj review of Tabula Rasa by Sawtooth
Nice work. I really like it.
Sat, May 23 10:41 AM morgantj review of Rhodes May Dig 100 504 Hz cutoff by Caleb Charles
I like it! Can you upload in MP3 format please?
Sat, Mar 14 5:06 PM morgantj review of I Am Stretched On Your Grave by Scomber
So perfect and beautiful. Excellent work. Flawless victory.
Sun, Mar 1 2:37 PM morgantj review of The Ugly by Pitx
Very creative. That is what I like about it. Everything mixes well together in t...
Mon, Feb 2 9:25 PM morgantj review of Ocaso by zeguila
I really like the glitch in the beginning. I really like the overall feel of the...
Sat, Jan 31 11:00 AM morgantj review of Freedom Is Me by IceSun
I Love the instruments, the music, rhythm, and melody. While the vocals sit on t...
Mon, Jan 26 5:41 PM morgantj review of Neoplan Project - Eagle Lament by matisq
Whoa, I clicked on this not knowing what to expect and the next thing I know I r...
Wed, Jan 21 3:36 PM morgantj review of Ukiyoe moments (dj nitro mix) by djnitro
Very nice! I like it. Relaxing. Well composed, something I could listen to more ...
Sun, Jan 18 10:09 AM morgantj review of The SysteM by Loveshadow
Excellent work! Absolute production perfection. I can see this being used in a m...