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Reviews left by morgantj

Sun, Oct 25 8:47 AM morgantj review of Strange Town by Ivan Chew
Yea, reminds me of a Anime track.
Fri, Sep 25 6:29 PM morgantj review of Polaroid Lucid Dream by Quantum Theor(y)
This should be playing on my radio right now! Absolutely perfect! I love this.
Sat, Sep 19 5:21 PM morgantj review of Dahil Sa Pag-ibig Mo by Nityalila
Can you upload the vocals only please?
Mon, Sep 14 7:43 PM morgantj review of Midnight Clear by Tenny
I love the music and the chorus, but I do not like the vocals. The vocals sound ...
Mon, Sep 14 7:24 PM morgantj review of Gloria (angel mix w/DoKashiteru) by Snowflake
Absolutely beautiful! I love this.
Sat, Sep 5 3:32 PM morgantj review of Just Breathe by FGrn Grn
Nice job! I like it. I love the Handel sample in it. Gives it an epic film like ...
Sat, Aug 29 2:52 PM morgantj review of Persephone by Snowflake
Absolutely Beautiful. Excellent production quality and mastering. Love the violi...
Fri, Aug 28 11:52 AM morgantj review of Man Of Mystery (Woman Of Sin Mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
I really like what you did with changing the tone levels of the smallville sampl...
Sat, Jul 18 5:21 PM morgantj review of Back On It (Mellow-Cue mix) by duckett
Excellent melody and sample arrangement! Cool and smooth. Absolutely love this, ...
Sun, Jul 5 11:57 AM morgantj review of One for Me by SackJo22
Beautiful track. I did not see this coming. Very happy tropical feel to it. I li...
Sat, Jul 4 5:17 PM morgantj review of all lies 2 by jan260167
Production quality and composition is good. Nice crisp and clear. I like reggae ...
Sat, Jul 4 5:12 PM morgantj review of satraction by jan260167
Love the drums and beat! All was great until the vocals came in. I felt the trac...
Sat, Jul 4 3:58 PM morgantj review of B&W of It - Sand Castle mix by teru
I love the tune and concept, but I think the vocals could be cleaned up and fill...
Sat, Jul 4 1:35 PM morgantj review of 020709 perc notes reverb by Morusque
niiiice! I really like this!
Sat, Jun 13 11:37 PM morgantj review of Colbert and Lessig on REMIX by Lessig
oh! How did I miss this! Argh...! Looks like I'll be a late arrival with a remix...