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Reviews left by morgantj

Sun, Jun 12 9:40 AM morgantj review of E.SoX - ccmixter crossover by E_SoX
Awesome! I love it! Lots of variety and samples. I like. I can see myself sampli...
Sat, Jun 11 3:48 PM morgantj review of The Key by Scott Altham
I like the vocal layering. Nice job.
Sun, Mar 20 12:45 PM morgantj review of FUBU HIP HOP by BOCrew
Nice bells.
Sat, Feb 26 7:25 AM morgantj review of Just Another Day by Speck
Seemingly chaotic, but if one listens closely there are certainly underlying ide...
Sat, Feb 26 7:20 AM morgantj review of The Lurking by Mana Junkie
8-bit lies at the underbelly of the percussion. I like the beat, and the "lurkin...
Sat, Feb 26 6:11 AM morgantj review of Raid Children by djolliej
This is cool. I look forward to using it.
Thu, Feb 24 5:06 PM morgantj review of Little Black Dress by Scomber
Vocal files Please, please, please!
Sun, Jan 30 8:32 AM morgantj review of I Got The Rhymes (Electric Fish Mix) by Scott Altham
Whoa whoa whoa! Totally awesome! A dnb masterpiece. Eq is right on, arrangement ...
Sun, Jan 30 8:18 AM morgantj review of Future Jamaica Love by STRIKE BOOGIE
I like this alot, but I wish the samples\layers were available to download indiv...
Sun, Nov 14 3:26 PM morgantj review of psyaviah_tired_original_preview by Psy'Aviah
No vocal file?
Thu, Aug 26 10:12 PM morgantj review of whatchusayin by grapes
Excellent! Original and unique, cool and smooth. Love it.
Mon, Jun 14 8:00 PM morgantj review of Pain (glitch gtr 3) by Fireproof_Babies
Sounds like Illformed glitch plugin was used.
Mon, Apr 19 6:59 PM morgantj review of Trifonic-Lies (Suma's Shattrd Mix) by DubFiyah Music
Nice! That is some smooth dubsteppin you got goin on there. Well done.
Sun, Apr 4 2:24 PM morgantj review of The Legend by DJ.E-State
Nice! I love the asian melody. Reminds me of wu-tang.
Sun, Mar 28 1:18 PM morgantj review of Dj vadim ft katherin deboer black is the night (Mösh Remix) by mosh
I especially love the intro and excellent melody. Big up.