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Sun, Dec 6 9:42 AM furkosbot review of Elég rossz? - Osztkioszt by Soulja Unit
Hi, great work, thanks! at the end there's no sync, its my fault, I used one of ...
Wed, Feb 18 6:06 AM furkosbot review of Groovity by daniloprates
When I uploaded my sample - years ago - I thought, It get a lot of hard funky re...
Sun, Jan 23 1:18 AM furkosbot review of Walking across the DRUM(BalkanBeat) by error404
Zsir! Valamiert mar nem kapok e-mailt ezekrül
Wed, Sep 9 9:48 PM furkosbot review of Cue - Dolorean (J.Lang) - DjiZrmx by Kwame
Hi! Sorry, I didnt get an email about some tracks, yours is one of them. I...
Sat, Aug 15 1:11 PM furkosbot review of Punanny Conection (Balkan mix) by error404
ez nekem kurvára bejön! jee olyan kontextusba raktad a kavalt, ami nekem az...
Sat, Aug 15 1:03 PM furkosbot review of Hej rozmaring (Folk Flutes) by Grizzly616
Waszlavik fíling szeressük az ilyet! kösz
Sat, Aug 15 12:53 PM furkosbot review of Bogi Beat Budapest by Budapest BluesBoy
Üdv! úgy látom, ez nagy siker lett. (kicsit elfelejtettem ezt az oldalt mo...
Sun, Jan 25 10:24 PM furkosbot review of Hammer Mountain by Calling Sister Midnight
Hi, thanks the mix! - fuRkosbot :D - sorry
Sat, Oct 4 11:07 AM furkosbot review of Shayef Nafsak(boldogsagszirom) by error404
Sun, Aug 31 3:44 AM furkosbot review of Smooth Theme by teru
thanks man 8^)
Wed, May 14 5:33 AM furkosbot review of Dragon Feast (Bruce Lee RIP) by shagrugge
nicccce :D it sounds, im a cool flute player, but it's just a little tube :...
Tue, May 13 7:43 AM furkosbot review of Pequennas Alas (PC/TA mix) by duckett
i see, you like this sample. yes, i know: i'm a great shaker player. muhahaha! X...
Tue, May 13 7:39 AM furkosbot review of Take It On Faith (CCsamplemania mix) by duckett
grrr... how do you make my sh* samples better? ;)
Tue, May 13 7:37 AM furkosbot review of Ophelia's Caravan by teru
tuning? who cares? it's avantgarde! :D it comes from a film. a film about jun...
Tue, May 13 7:32 AM furkosbot review of Just Dance by MTGakaCaraMelG
Hi! We've got a 'video' :D here XD XD XD