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Reviews left by max_thehitman

Fri, Sep 13 6:47 PM max_thehitman review of Piano Doodles 6 by AT
Sooooo beautiful. Thank you for ALl your piano doodles. They are musical art!
Fri, Sep 13 12:56 PM max_thehitman review of Our Whole World by Loveshadow
Your one of the best musical producers around. Excellent work on this song! Cong...
Fri, Sep 13 12:48 PM max_thehitman review of Baby Come ;-) by Loveshadow
Beautiful song, LOVE it!**********rating
Wed, Nov 18 9:25 AM max_thehitman review of The White Cube by MC Jack in the Box
You are one of my favourite artists/mixers. A most excellent tune for this speci...
Sun, Nov 1 11:01 AM max_thehitman review of Moving With The Season by Loveshadow
WOW! Another great beautiful song. How you that? Whatever your taking...I want s...
Sun, Nov 1 10:20 AM max_thehitman review of Broken by Leeroy
WOW! love this remix. Very cool Trip-hop sounds. Mesmorizing and haunting too. F...
Sun, Nov 1 9:59 AM max_thehitman review of Oranges (version 1) by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
I really enjoyed this composition. Very very nice! Thank you for sharing!
Sun, Nov 1 9:53 AM max_thehitman review of The First Sunny Sky by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
Super! This is another great song. Well done and very lovely!Cheers MAX
Sun, Nov 1 9:50 AM max_thehitman review of Rest (For A While) (Demo) by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
This is really a wonderful song. Love the whole arrangement and melody. Truly be...
Sun, Oct 25 8:20 AM max_thehitman review of I Got Chu ! by Loveshadow
This is just PERFECT! Congrats on a fine job!
Sun, Oct 25 8:00 AM max_thehitman review of Tarzan and the Jungle Furies by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
FANTASTICO! I really enjoy this remix . Wild!
Sun, Oct 25 7:33 AM max_thehitman review of Snow Solace by RadioZero
WOW! What an amazing sound. Brilliant and hypnotizing. Snowflakes poetry and voi...
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