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Reviews left by magmavander

Mon, Feb 10 12:32 PM magmavander review of In a Box - Snowflake (smiling cynic remix) by smilingcynic
Simple but beautiful. I enjoyed every second. Thanks!!
Mon, Feb 10 12:16 PM magmavander review of InsideOut by Alex
ah ah!! long time I havent listening to some great and pure rock, with such an e...
Mon, Feb 10 11:23 AM magmavander review of Sometimes A Man by Speck
Me like it :) Superb!!
Mon, Feb 10 11:21 AM magmavander review of After Angelica (Ain't the way it's supposed to be) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Very cool mood... I agree about the candle idea :) This evening it's raining her...
Mon, Feb 10 10:53 AM magmavander review of Every Single Word by phildann
Wow!! This is very good, I love the backtrack, just a few sounds but they make t...
Mon, Feb 10 10:50 AM magmavander review of A Theme by @nop
Great work, very impressive ambient and electronic music. I enjoyed, thanks!! :)
Sat, Nov 30 6:16 PM magmavander review of On erom semag tsum uoy yalp by annabloom
I'm definitely a fan. Dada applied to free jazz :) I'm amazed by the coherence o...
Sat, Nov 30 6:08 PM magmavander review of The Rock (I Just Wanna See You) by Doxent Zsigmond
Oh yes! Groovy, jazzy and soulful. Sounds like a classic :) I did like a lot the...
Sat, Nov 30 6:04 PM magmavander review of Call Me by Linden Tree
You created a original and kind of strange climax with this song. The mix of the...
Sat, Nov 30 5:59 PM magmavander review of First Place by My Free Mickey
Makes me think to King Crimson in some place. Great reference :D Funny and origi...
Sat, Nov 30 5:54 PM magmavander review of Path of Glass (Melpomene) by Doxent Zsigmond
Wow! Atmosphere is great, smooth and wide, meditative. I enjoyed a lot the liste...
Mon, Oct 14 4:27 PM magmavander review of I dont hurt my love by CSoul
Thanks a lot!! Very cool dub-esque version, with a lot of magic delays and hau...
Mon, Sep 23 8:04 AM magmavander review of Elements (+stems) by stellarartwars
Very creative and original piece. There is a lot of stuff going on here. I have ...
Mon, Sep 23 8:02 AM magmavander review of I Can See Clearly Now by robomusic
I like this!! Elegant work!
Mon, Sep 23 8:00 AM magmavander review of Faithless by CSoul
Great mix! I like how you alternate different moods. Thanks!