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Reviews left by magaboumbele

Tue, Mar 18 9:12 AM magaboumbele review of Historie de Superfly by fourstones
it is funny, most part of people who re-mix never use cymbales.. Great remix!!
Fri, Mar 14 9:08 AM magaboumbele review of Pretty (first mix) by duckett
This stupid roadies has still forgotten to install cymbales!! Cool remixe Ducke...
Thu, Mar 13 1:48 PM magaboumbele review of Pequennas Alas (dogmix) by oldDog
Thu, Mar 13 7:37 AM magaboumbele review of dirty december chorus by bento box
I agree with Radiotimes... That being said, it is a good remix (the end is a bi...
Wed, Mar 12 4:55 PM magaboumbele review of Morning Birds (Treatment) by fourstones
Very funny, very original, very good work!!(I would have put a grans blow of cym...
Fri, Mar 7 6:27 AM magaboumbele review of Them Say _ Soul4Soul Remix by J.Lang
Funky and very cool!...
Wed, Mar 5 12:43 AM magaboumbele review of Donestop ! ( The Lasswell / Shadow Mix ) by Loveshadow
Where is that I lined up my jacket with spangles??...Good work Loveshadow!..
Fri, Feb 29 4:33 PM magaboumbele review of Boyz N' Blue by yellowjacket_osx
Fri, Feb 29 3:41 PM magaboumbele review of Whatcha Blind by fourstones
Fonky Fourstones!..
Mon, Feb 18 4:44 PM magaboumbele review of Sunshine (cdk something else mix) by Analog By Nature
Another great remixe. Cheers CDK!
Mon, Feb 18 4:38 PM magaboumbele review of Like they Used to (cdk 420 mix) by Analog By Nature
Super groove, superb instrumental.. Very nice!!