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Reviews left by Darkroom

Thu, Dec 3 7:30 PM Darkroom review of The Little Things (Winter Disco Mix) by Whitewolf
Nice bluesy funky twist to accompany the vox.
Mon, Nov 30 12:34 PM Darkroom review of MAY (day) by Siobhan Dakay
Very nice. I remember doing a version of this song a while back. May. It is nic...
Mon, Nov 30 9:49 AM Darkroom review of Start Each Day with Love by AirFlow
Great backing for Kara.
Sun, Nov 29 5:00 PM Darkroom review of Latin Licked by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Diggin the vibe.
Sun, Nov 29 4:55 PM Darkroom review of The Directional Heart Of Improvisational Space by Speck
This has a home town feeling to it at times. Nicely done.
Sun, Nov 29 4:28 PM Darkroom review of PNTRAKTORMIX by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Nice remix. It has a psychedelic 70s vibe to it.
Fri, Nov 20 10:56 AM Darkroom review of Cyborg Rock by Stefan Kartenberg
Great rockin sound.
Wed, Nov 18 3:28 PM Darkroom review of Four Movements From Space by Radioontheshelf
Powerful. You nailed this one with such great intensity.
Wed, Nov 18 3:26 PM Darkroom review of Watching the Rain by Apoxode
I like the way you used the horn sample.
Wed, Nov 18 3:22 PM Darkroom review of Stars Out Of Coffee by Speck
This one is full of unexpected twists. Nice.
Sun, Nov 15 7:56 PM Darkroom review of Waiting For The World To Come Home by Radioontheshelf
This is top notch. it has a nice modern day ballad sound to it with plenty of em...
Sun, Nov 15 6:56 PM Darkroom review of Strong Black Coffee by Apoxode
Great song, I truly enjoyed it. Thank you for including my song.
Thu, Nov 12 11:35 PM Darkroom review of Sally's Waiting by ScOmBer
Lyrics are heartfelt and your singing is superb. Nice to hear Stefan and Scomber...
Thu, Nov 12 9:08 AM Darkroom review of Native sounds by Stefan Kartenberg
This is soooo good.
Wed, Nov 11 3:12 PM Darkroom review of Ground Zero by cube3 (Sjef van Leeuwen)
Nice powerful mix.