Darkroom (mactonite):

Reviews left by Darkroom

Fri, Dec 10 10:58 AM Darkroom review of Memories of the Future by onlymeith
Fri, Dec 10 10:55 AM Darkroom review of You're the Change by unreal_dm
I like it!
Fri, Dec 10 10:53 AM Darkroom review of Broken [LTR remix] by lukas_r94
Did you downgrade the vocals to 8-bit? I think that the whole track is well put ...
Tue, Dec 7 9:13 AM Darkroom review of I Miss You by tom_luft
Great sounding mix.
Tue, Dec 7 9:12 AM Darkroom review of No alternative by Sturzstrom
Awesome piano and nice overall sound.
Tue, Dec 7 9:08 AM Darkroom review of Persephone by Olenergy
Nice overall mix.
Tue, Dec 7 9:00 AM Darkroom review of Send Me Home by PW69
Nice attempt. I would say try separating the sounds in the frequency spectrum to...
Mon, Dec 6 12:23 PM Darkroom review of dead homeless prisoner by septahelix
This has potential to be a better song. However, I am having a hard time getting...
Mon, Dec 6 12:10 PM Darkroom review of I Miss You (Retuned) by Numbernaut
I can see this working as a John Cage type work. Keep on creating!
Mon, Dec 6 10:40 AM Darkroom review of Walking across the drum by Makiballs
OK, so not much going on. I understand that the lyrics are referring to drums, b...
Mon, Dec 6 10:36 AM Darkroom review of ACURIOUSBURNINGSMELL by Sturzstrom
I liked the drums and synth sounds. I agree further development is needed.
Sun, Nov 28 2:13 PM Darkroom review of Listen by texasradiofish
Undeniable funk.
Sun, Nov 28 2:11 PM Darkroom review of Voodoo Queen by Alex
Cool classic blues rock.
Tue, Nov 23 9:19 AM Darkroom review of Fading Things Sunset Mix by Le_Did
Couldn't ask for a more perfect remix.
Tue, Nov 23 9:16 AM Darkroom review of Worth_it_Then by mdp
Nice remix. I would like to hear a little more dynamic range. There is a bit too...