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Thu, Jan 14 4:41 PM Lasswell review of Poisen Cup by Stefan Kartenberg
Great job!
Thu, Jan 14 2:54 PM Lasswell review of Poisen Cup Vocals by Loveshadow
Who's dat singing??? LOL Sounds awesome!
Mon, Jul 31 11:00 AM Lasswell review of Take Me Home by Loveshadow
WOW! WOW! WOW!!! Love it Jeff!
Thu, May 19 2:17 PM Lasswell review of That'd B U by Loveshadow
Really love this Jeff. Just superb!
Thu, Sep 17 9:57 PM Lasswell review of Lost in 9 by Loveshadow
Gorgeous Jeff.
Fri, May 15 10:56 PM Lasswell review of ONLYLUV by Loveshadow
Class act Jeff! Love what you did with the chord progressions/timing
Mon, Apr 6 9:34 AM Lasswell review of This LifeBoat (Let's Change) by Loveshadow
¡Me gusta Sr. Sombra! :)
Sat, Apr 4 11:06 AM Lasswell review of Outside Poolparty by Loveshadow
Wonderful atmospherics and vibe Maestro! Love it!!!
Thu, Mar 12 9:53 PM Lasswell review of This is the Age. by Loveshadow
Love this! Really reminds me of something Malcolm McLaren would do. Superb.
Thu, Oct 23 11:14 PM Lasswell review of Izzit All 2 Much ??? by Loveshadow
Ingenious! Beautiful build up....I don't know how you do it have ...
Fri, Oct 17 10:23 AM Lasswell review of Jamming with C'Lasswell by Loveshadow
Thu, Oct 16 10:50 AM Lasswell review of U Help me Take it in by Loveshadow
Nice! Great atmospherics! :)
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