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Thu, Mar 5 3:49 PM latopa review of Ya Ghaly by reiswerk
a nice sensible homage to the voices! and a great percussive groove to this tune...
Wed, Mar 4 12:11 PM latopa review of Fear Nothing (Relaxation Mix) by Jeris
X deep and honest
Tue, Mar 3 12:23 PM latopa review of Concrete Elevator (Going Down) by coruscate
groovy s*+-!
Mon, Mar 2 2:52 PM latopa review of Relaxation Tips by copperhead
just a good jam session. your collective musical playing is just from a cat that...
Sat, Feb 28 11:14 AM latopa review of Melancholia is (not) dead by diaphane
you are a coquette mixer Dia (compliment). I like the way you produce the mixes
Sat, Feb 28 10:55 AM latopa review of Antidepressants by Stefan Kartenberg
SK, thanks man for the music and putting up front (in words) a taboo that many p...
Fri, Feb 27 2:09 PM latopa review of The Weather by Dysfunction_AL
a nice original expression
Fri, Feb 27 1:48 PM latopa review of Saddleback Bread by Speck
this musical chaos reflect...everyday life of ones who don't care
Thu, Feb 26 12:57 PM latopa review of The Massive Session (Garage Jazz) by Siobhan Dakay
Beautiful mechanics of music
Thu, Feb 26 12:37 PM latopa review of Night flight by Robbero
your smooth grooves are always there
Tue, Feb 24 1:01 PM latopa review of Stop by Stefan Kartenberg
sk, heart and music
Tue, Feb 24 12:51 PM latopa review of Day By Day (ChillStep mix) by Chandan Boruah
Chan, please change your avatar. Behind an image is a voice. You have a uniqu...
Tue, Feb 24 12:46 PM latopa review of Bankland by Stefan Kartenberg
man, some of you have incredible talent and time to created
Tue, Feb 24 12:40 PM latopa review of The Weather HipHop Blues Remix by Xalpheric many pictures in this one. Keep the music
Tue, Feb 24 12:32 PM latopa review of Stand Proud (Maiden Dance) by pharmacopia
On the corner ...2015...fantastico