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Sat, May 2 2:09 PM latopa review of Gotta Get Outta Here by Stefan Kartenberg
sk, demonstrates your strings guit talent+
Fri, May 1 12:17 PM latopa review of The Wind of Love 2 by copperhead
CH, delivered music @ the bone of musicianship...great band here
Wed, Apr 29 12:27 PM latopa review of Ill Street (Dubstep Apocalypse) by Scomber
the scomber is a box of chocolate:
Mon, Apr 27 1:29 PM latopa review of Shannon - Where I Stand by cube3 (Sjef van Leeuwen)
Mon, Apr 27 1:17 PM latopa review of A Very Busy Day by short hopper
is this a mix or a remix of a live band? completely nuts! of music here.
Wed, Apr 22 1:30 PM latopa review of Le tour de tes nuits #2 by Stefan Kartenberg
a musical expressed it well
Tue, Apr 21 11:18 AM latopa review of Class Dismissed by Hans Atom
H.A, Like your adventure to musically, harmonically, rhythmically challenge thi...
Tue, Apr 21 11:09 AM latopa review of You Think You're So Clever by Stefan Kartenberg
Delivered rock and bones
Tue, Apr 21 11:03 AM latopa review of SlowCooker by Scomber by Stefan Kartenberg
The cat is back. Bravo SK, the hears and soul are in top notch
Tue, Apr 21 10:42 AM latopa review of Who's The Thinker by Speck
The answer is in the question? Speckos, you are the thinker
Mon, Apr 20 6:21 PM latopa review of Only Love (To take you higher) by CSoul
Is there a 80's theme i am not aware of at ccm? Sounds like a soundtrack from Sc...
Sun, Apr 19 3:36 PM latopa review of Le tour de tes nuits #2 by diaphane
Bravo Dia, Brings me back to my innocent 80's (my teens)...and you make me di...
Sun, Apr 19 3:32 PM latopa review of Magic in your eyes (Hip Hop Instrumental) by Robbero
Robbero, Always like your chill, groovy adventures
Sun, Apr 19 3:25 PM latopa review of Make a Change by Zep Hurme
Zepos, the producing values with the creative music you delivered is just amazin...
Sun, Apr 19 2:58 PM latopa review of After the rain by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
a great Sunday peaceful musical moment