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Sat, Jul 16 2:11 PM latopa review of I Miss You (Quintett) no drums by Siobhan Dakay
Sat, Jul 9 4:25 PM latopa review of Famous Last Words by Siobhan Dakay
The chemistry arrangement you did with the horn arr....
Mon, Jun 20 1:26 PM latopa review of Geralyn by Stefan Kartenberg
Old school. SK, you deliver the jam (Mix) old school
Mon, Jun 20 1:18 PM latopa review of Elsewhere Park by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
After, fathers day...great music. I miss my father.
Tue, Jun 14 10:17 AM latopa review of Break Free by Zep Hurme
Master of groove design....super clean and original.
Mon, May 2 11:49 AM latopa review of Der Eine Kuss (DGDGBD) by Aussens@iter
Senior Auss, Yes! Beautiful vibe. This would be a 3+ winner to my hears, if ...
Sun, May 1 12:34 PM latopa review of le conte du poisson magique by Bluemillenium
Salut BM. Une musique retropestive et qui me touche beaucoup apres le deces de P...
Thu, Apr 28 9:37 AM latopa review of Deez Bells by Speck
Speckos...(Reminds me of the creative shit of Prince)A Master Musician!!! I...
Wed, Apr 27 12:16 PM latopa review of da Brum .... by VickyDan
The intro, is majestic. I dare ccm mixers to mix=x this one with a PRINCE Vibe.
Sat, Apr 9 2:30 PM latopa review of Deep Down by @nop
Bravo, a great homage to CCM music. Modern and original.Listened to this 3 ti...
Sat, Apr 9 1:50 PM latopa review of Leave Your Pain (inc instrumental) by stellarartwars
You are getting better every day SW
Sat, Apr 9 1:39 PM latopa review of Be What You Are by unreal_dm
The organic sound of your mix is The horns, and bass arrangement is just what...
Sat, Apr 9 1:24 PM latopa review of Fall To Pieces by charlie_charles
Great job; more bass (OUFM) on this mix
Sat, Mar 26 2:14 PM latopa review of All World Reggae by Snowflake
You groove like the bird that landed on Bernie Sanders podium... Peace:)
Sat, Mar 26 1:58 PM latopa review of Art of Dying (Etching Mix) by vo1k1
Art of creating...we listen