Time of Terror Remix Event
spinningmerkaba (jlbrock44):

Reviews left by spinningmerkaba

Mon, Jul 6 9:15 AM spinningmerkaba review of Exhale by sparky
On point! This mix flows and totally captures the emotional sentiment of the tim...
Mon, Jul 6 9:05 AM spinningmerkaba review of 8:46 by Snowflake
An anthem for our chapter in history, hopefully this wave of awareness that brin...
Tue, Jun 16 11:32 AM spinningmerkaba review of BLM (I Can't Breathe) by Jihfa
Fri, Jun 12 10:24 PM spinningmerkaba review of Confronting Systemic Racism by Whitewolf
Clean and tasty groove session with spoken word truth on top. The call to actio...
Thu, Jun 11 1:28 PM spinningmerkaba review of BLM City Life by Whitewolf
Great combo of pells! Nice grove. Sounds like the street.
Wed, Jun 10 3:27 PM spinningmerkaba review of I Can't Breathe by Admiral Bob
Such a fitting tone and melody treatment to this chilling sample. As always Adm...
Wed, Jun 10 3:23 PM spinningmerkaba review of The Man Who Couldn't Breathe by Radioontheshelf
This is a revolution, one that hopefully is ripe for true and lasting change tha...
Wed, Jun 10 3:21 PM spinningmerkaba review of Come On Home, Man by texasradiofish
Didn't I just ask for a TRF MIckey Burnz mix...and here it is! Thanks!
Wed, Jun 10 3:19 PM spinningmerkaba review of The Silent Garden by Radioontheshelf
This is a somber piece of music that carries with it a tone of healing. Thanks ...
Wed, Jun 10 3:14 PM spinningmerkaba review of Baby Guitarist Mourning (Tribute to George Floyd) by Subhashish
On point. It sends chills down my spine as I see the video of George Floyd's mu...
Wed, Jun 10 3:09 PM spinningmerkaba review of Full Moon Bathtub by acrylicbathhouse
We have a an old claw foot bathtub in our living room, filled with pillows and b...
Wed, Jun 10 3:06 PM spinningmerkaba review of I'm A Man by Speck
I like the laid back feel. Trippy island feel.
Wed, May 13 5:40 PM spinningmerkaba review of growing new lungs by sleeperspaceborn
In my dreams I front this band for the Losing My Mind World tour. Wow. Thanks...
Sun, May 10 10:43 PM spinningmerkaba review of Stand Tall by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice mix. I really like your acoustic guitar tones.
Sun, May 10 10:42 PM spinningmerkaba review of All in this together by Radioontheshelf
Your voice is rich and full with story. Compelling. I'm happy to see you saili...