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spinningmerkaba (jlbrock44):

Reviews left by spinningmerkaba

Sun, Nov 18 9:52 AM spinningmerkaba review of By Sexual Affairs by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
I’m glad that you found a solid track to express the pain and confusion and at...
Wed, Sep 26 11:08 AM spinningmerkaba review of Music is a life saver by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks Stefan! you made the sour notes emotional and the lyrics compelling. No...
Wed, Sep 26 11:00 AM spinningmerkaba review of So Loud Feat. Spinningmerkaba by madimpactunit
This mix is hauntingly surreal like the fake news we hear on the network round t...
Sun, Jul 8 1:20 PM spinningmerkaba review of Song for a song by Ivan Chew
Thanks Ivan! You made me sound like I knnow what I'm talking about lol!
Fri, Jun 29 2:15 PM spinningmerkaba review of Lead the Way 145 by Apoxode
Are you kidding...holy expletives! Some masterful slicing and connecting of ste...
Fri, Jun 29 2:06 PM spinningmerkaba review of The Cost of Doing Something by Javolenus
Love this sample!
Fri, Jun 29 2:02 PM spinningmerkaba review of Playing Field by Correspondence
Thanks for uploading the stems! Keep 'em coming!
Fri, Jun 29 1:59 PM spinningmerkaba review of Into the night by offlinebouncer
For those lonely nights when it seems like all is lost, only to be found again.
Fri, Jun 29 1:51 PM spinningmerkaba review of The New Americana by Speck
Panu is in good company here, with Speck at the helm.
Fri, Jun 29 1:44 PM spinningmerkaba review of Over_To_You_Sexy_Samba by SabrinaCounts
Soothing. Perfect for a solstice, summer or winter!
Fri, Jun 29 1:39 PM spinningmerkaba review of The new Americana by reiswerk
It's good to hear panu in the mix speaking truth to power, corrupt power. When ...
Mon, Jun 11 1:44 PM spinningmerkaba review of Spell on You 140 by Apoxode
What a combination of source! Old skool flavors swirled with experimental breaks...
Mon, Jun 11 11:12 AM spinningmerkaba review of Trans-Atlantic Soul by texasradiofish
Gestalt...The gulf of Mexico oozes out the speakers and into the currents of mus...
Mon, Jun 11 10:57 AM spinningmerkaba review of Adaptation is How We Survive by SackJo22
Wow! Chills! I love your adaptation of Zep's track...the spoken word is awesom...
Wed, May 30 8:16 AM spinningmerkaba review of Live in my room with PorchCat - Back Through The Stars micromix 26.05.2108 by Barubiriza
like a late night train ride that goes on an on until the sun comes up