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Reviews left by jacindae

Sat, Mar 12 1:41 AM jacindae review of The New Music by Alex
You do no wrong. Like ever. This is so much fun. I could listen to it all day.
Sat, Mar 12 1:39 AM jacindae review of Now That It's Come To This by Succumb2 The Nite
mindnumbing. This is so beautiful, there are no words.
Sat, Dec 25 9:57 PM jacindae review of Auld Lang Syne by Admiral Bob
A bit late to the party, but oh well... Funny, Robbie Burns is an ancestor of m...
Sat, Dec 25 9:52 PM jacindae review of Carol of the Bells by MC Jack in the Box
I'm so happy you added your voice. Absolutely lovely.
Sun, Dec 5 11:09 PM jacindae review of Resolution Don't by Kara Square
I don't know if I've mentioned before, I REALLY like your voice. Moreover, I enj...
Fri, Nov 19 3:12 PM jacindae review of Until You Are Home Again by JSP
This is very nice! Surprisingly close in places to the "vision" I had while writ...
Tue, Nov 9 9:20 PM jacindae review of Oh Ma Belle by Admiral Bob
Late to the party as per usual, but I just had to mention...I think this is my f...
Tue, Nov 9 2:30 PM jacindae review of Uh-Oh! (Blackberry's Dub-O-Matic Edit) by Blackberry
Very nicely done. Dreamy and easy to listen to. I've been excited to hear your t...
Tue, Nov 9 2:26 PM jacindae review of Uh-Oh by VickyDan
This is a very pretty, soothing, and well-produced piece! Sorry it took me so lo...
Mon, Oct 25 9:40 PM jacindae review of Locked the door by Morusque
This is such a quirky, cool take on this excellent pella. forever
Sun, Sep 19 11:52 AM jacindae review of Incantantrix plus a year by Abstract Audio
my Introduction to ccM pretty much changed my life and upped my game on a lot of...
Tue, Sep 14 6:36 PM jacindae review of Queen of the Crows (a capella) by CiggiBurns
This is incredible, even for you. Love it!!!
Tue, Sep 14 6:32 PM jacindae review of Boredroom by Alex
This is a fantastic treatment as always. Definitely something that I can imagin...
Tue, Sep 14 6:30 PM jacindae review of Touch by BarryMorgan
I think that when I uploaded the parts to this I got something wonky happening w...
Mon, Sep 6 11:16 AM jacindae review of O Come Thee Down (3 Versions) by boomaga
I can imagine all of this right at home in a film score or three. I'm loving th...