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Reviews left by jacindae

Tue, May 17 11:13 AM jacindae review of An Untitled Love Song by unreal_dm
So cute I could just die!
Tue, May 17 11:04 AM jacindae review of At The Root by Vidian
More Vidian gold. Well done, my friend.
Mon, May 9 8:35 PM jacindae review of Snowflake - I miss you by DCMsc
This is so pretty! Very lovely handling of a gorgeous sounds like it ...
Mon, May 9 8:32 PM jacindae review of Ground War (orchestral) by Zapac
God this sounds amazing. I would never believe this wasn't a straight up full or...
Mon, May 9 8:27 PM jacindae review of Chance by Kara Square
This is not something I would expect to hear from you, Kara. But it's great! You...
Wed, May 4 8:44 PM jacindae review of Dyeing by Benjamin Orth
Holy moly I love this!!! I love those nasty guitars and the gorgeous classical i...
Mon, May 2 1:43 PM jacindae review of Brass Beat by Blake
Super yummy summertime beat. Love it!
Mon, May 2 1:42 PM jacindae review of Walden Pond Blues by Admiral Bob
Well deserved ed pick. This spoken word works unbelievably well with your blues ...
Mon, May 2 1:38 PM jacindae review of Love Dizzy by Jeris
I love this pella and this is unlike anything else I've heard done with it. Nice...
Mon, May 2 10:29 AM jacindae review of El Tango de la Esperanza Perdida by Jeris
I enjoyed listening quite a lot. Great stuttery glitchy beat. Thanks for remixin...
Sun, May 1 8:46 PM jacindae review of I^m half belgian by Sturzstrom
Hey, this is pretty cool! I'm not sure how I missed it until now...I really like...
Sun, May 1 8:43 PM jacindae review of Strange Marionette by Jeris
Sorry it took me so long to listen to this...I actually really like this sweet d...
Sat, Apr 9 8:42 PM jacindae review of 1,2,3,(4) by JSP
VERY cool. Nice and dark and creepy. Thanks for this treatment!
Mon, Mar 28 10:38 PM jacindae review of Don't Stop 3D by Abstract Audio
I can't believe how quick you put this together, it's awesome.
Sat, Mar 12 1:48 AM jacindae review of My Apocalypse Now by Jeris
I love everything about this so it's almost difficult to comment and pick someth...