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Morebit (halede):

Reviews left by Morebit

Tue, Oct 29 1:23 PM Morebit review of January (AltControlDelete Mix) by altcontroldelete
As it's been said: Wow!
Tue, Oct 29 1:22 PM Morebit review of January by Darkroom
Nice guitars, and piano, good work!
Tue, Oct 29 1:18 PM Morebit review of january remix by raja_ffm
Reminds me of early Lamb, great dnb track!
Tue, Oct 29 1:14 PM Morebit review of January by Carosone
Like this a lot, cool flow!
Mon, Oct 28 3:42 PM Morebit review of October by Doxent Zsigmond
It's simply breathtaking!
Sun, Nov 7 5:50 AM Morebit review of The Song Remains the Same (Mr Williams) by Snowflake
Extremely creative, one of your best tracks!
Sun, Nov 7 5:42 AM Morebit review of Cookin' & Singin' (The Guests of Nature Masked Remix) by SackJo22
I'm grateful you didn't made a dance track of these great vocals. I love this ja...
Sun, Nov 7 5:22 AM Morebit review of Floating by adrianmusto
Weeks before i wanted to write a review, but simply i have no words for it. Abso...
Sun, Nov 7 5:10 AM Morebit review of Goodbye (Wells Fargo) by Snowflake
It's a beautiful song with lot of emotions, thanx for making it. Keep up the goo...
Sun, Nov 7 5:00 AM Morebit review of Feeling Dark (Behind The Mask) by 7OOP3D
This track is nicely built up, the sounds are great, and well placed. I like the...
Wed, Oct 27 1:08 AM Morebit review of Thinkin' About It - Side A by Carosone
Congratulations, arrangement is awesome. Vocals are very well placed, compressed...