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Reviews left by geoffpeters

Sun, Jun 2 2:14 PM geoffpeters review of Old Tabla Night by septahelix
Love what you did here! Thank you septahelix :)
Fri, Dec 14 11:32 PM geoffpeters review of Deep Inside Your Mind by Speck
super cool!! Thank you Speck for including some samples from me here. very fun t...
Fri, Oct 19 10:36 AM geoffpeters review of Dark Alone by septahelix
Awesome work, loved listening for the different samples.
Wed, Sep 26 8:19 AM geoffpeters review of Jazzy Sax, Guitar, and Organ at the club by Admiral Bob
Sun, Feb 1 5:26 AM geoffpeters review of How Does It Feel To Be Free by Speck
wow I never thought my sample could become this :)
Wed, Jan 21 8:39 AM geoffpeters review of Clocky Makes A Difference by Speck
very creative, love it!
Wed, Dec 24 4:01 AM geoffpeters review of Piece of Quiet by geoffpeters by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
wow thank you Martijn for adding the bass line :) a great collaboration!!! Best ...
Sat, Oct 1 8:27 PM geoffpeters review of Start Again by Alex
Alex, your music is truly awesome. Soulful, spacious, grooving, very original an...
Sun, Jun 5 12:06 AM geoffpeters review of Ground War (orchestral) by Zapac
very cinematic, visual, exciting storytelling, and a beautiful soundscape! Thank...
Sat, Jun 4 11:52 PM geoffpeters review of I Caught You by texasradiofish
I really admire your work, Texas! Thank you for making this available as Creativ...
Sat, May 28 6:10 PM geoffpeters review of E Love by texasradiofish
love the beats and voice!
Sat, May 28 5:41 PM geoffpeters review of American Melancholy by Syenta
wow, this is amazing!! Thank you Syenta for the incredible mix, and wonderful ch...