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Reviews left by flujo

Sat, Oct 3 9:22 AM flujo review of Brown & Gold by Leza Boyland
This is gorgeous, and so clean too.
Sun, Jun 28 10:45 AM flujo review of I WANT TO SHOUT OUT (jayp remix) by jayp
This is proper!
Fri, Jun 26 12:32 PM flujo review of Scomberella CMS Promo(extended) by Scomber
Brilliant! That kid sounds so sute.
Sat, May 30 8:44 AM flujo review of Deep Unity (Essential Deeper Remix) by DJ_Essential_I
This is nice!! You have a good groove going on here.
Sat, May 30 8:38 AM flujo review of Lets get deeper (Essential Dark Deep Remix) by DJ_Essential_I
Wicked! I don't know what else to say other than thank you. :-D
Sat, Dec 27 9:03 AM flujo review of Fall to Pieces (for Sakura Kaminari/ Cherry Blossom Storm) by reblaw27
Wow! Came on to have a browse through some acappellas while playing an idea for...
Thu, Nov 27 1:57 PM flujo review of Double Dutch by Kruzzial
This sounds like part of a theme track to a movie. Where are the rolling credit...
Thu, Nov 6 6:00 PM flujo review of Into the light by EDECHERS
I agree with colab. I really like the idea. If you upload a version without vo...
Mon, Nov 3 3:35 PM flujo review of Good Enough (the club mix) by rifft
Mmmmm. This is the one I've been looking for. Now it's time to get to work! It ...
Fri, Oct 24 5:10 PM flujo review of Loveshadows Safety Guide To the Online Remix . Part 1 by Loveshadow
LOL. I had to stop it at the headphone line because it's late and didn't want to...
Thu, Oct 23 2:51 PM flujo review of Jazzy Lazzy Mix by Lasswell
This is truly something wonderful. Very good work Lasswell.
Wed, Oct 22 9:26 AM flujo review of Move Ya Body ( The Blushed Mix ) by Loveshadow
Woh! That was a nice surprise. When the male vocal came in it was like someone ...
Wed, Oct 22 9:19 AM flujo review of too quiet by oldDog
Beautiful work! Had to stop typing to hit play for the fourth time. I really ...
Thu, Oct 9 6:41 AM flujo review of WE R 1 ( Deeply Madly Mix ) by Loveshadow
Woh! Nuff said. :)
Sat, Jun 7 7:22 PM flujo review of Back To Me ( The Hearts Regret ) by Loveshadow
Oh my! Now this is sweet.