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eddiebingo (emonic):

Reviews left by eddiebingo

Fri, Feb 15 10:44 PM eddiebingo review of Fat Alcoholic Hater by bangcorrupt
I love the vibe so much more than the original
Wed, Jun 30 10:33 PM eddiebingo review of Jesus Save My Soul (ft.eddiebingo) by ToasteR
Hey man! Sorry I'm coming in so late - I like the mix!
Sat, Apr 24 4:30 AM eddiebingo review of CONFUSED by BOCrew
yo.... as usual, i'm glad i could give you something that you could put an in...
Sun, Feb 7 5:21 PM eddiebingo review of Past, Present by Kruzzial
yo, this is really good shit, homie! i like that beat a lot
Sun, Nov 8 12:23 PM eddiebingo review of From The Creek / Dagger of Camui Rmx by BOCrew
this has a great chill vibe. i put it on the remix page on eddiebingo.net. thank...
Sun, Nov 8 12:22 PM eddiebingo review of THE TALES / SHORT EDIT by BOCrew
This is great! I put it up on my underground rap songs page. lol
Sun, Nov 8 12:20 PM eddiebingo review of THE RECIPE / DEMO TRAK by BOCrew
posted this remix at eddiebingo.net
Sun, Nov 8 1:23 AM eddiebingo review of Mental Images: Lizard Vision 3000 by texasradiofish
that's a sick track
Sat, Oct 31 3:18 PM eddiebingo review of What am I Supposed to Do? (Trash it up) by fourstones
Sat, Oct 31 3:13 PM eddiebingo review of EMCEE HELL a (HELLFIRE Remix) by mykleanthony
wow - thanks for the love! that's a crazy beat, and the boys want it. lol
Fri, Jul 3 9:50 PM eddiebingo review of The Recipe (Stoned Karma Cowboy Remix) by Karma Cowboy
yoooo, man! thanks for the look! it's amazing how the mood changes by slowing do...
Sat, Apr 11 4:36 AM eddiebingo review of Tales From The Creek (Karma Cowboy Trickster Remix) by Karma Cowboy
damn - cowboy, you put a nice twist to this ish... that bass is impending, and t...