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Reviews left by economix

Fri, May 11 8:10 AM economix review of Red Light by HelenaJ
Lyrics as I hear them I'm sick of waiting for you I'm sick of just passing thro...
Fri, May 4 7:35 AM economix review of BNOrganDonor (IamMix) by duckett
Great remix for a goood cause. I like the relaxed rythum section.
Tue, May 1 7:01 AM economix review of Where You Are Now Acapella by WolfFly
LYRICS (as I hear them) Please don't fear me because I know what I want please...
Mon, Apr 9 10:40 AM economix review of VOER1 by unreal_dm
Unreal_dm, you are totally awesome. Thousand Thank yous for this. The clip is po...
Thu, Apr 5 11:44 PM economix review of Good Morning, world by TheDICE
Wed, Apr 4 10:46 AM economix review of Brighton Steiner School, Classes 7+8 Samples by harry whalley
Fantastic to hear student product out in cyber space
Wed, Mar 28 12:06 AM economix review of Blessed are the Greedy by Snowflake
LYRICS (as I hear them) Moses spoke with God apon the mountain Buddha found him...
Mon, Mar 26 7:49 PM economix review of Equality - Give it to us (pella) by lonnie
LYRICS (as I hear them) Equality give it to us, give it to us, give it to us, ...
Thu, Mar 22 8:08 AM economix review of How Do You Feel About That? (guitar instrumental) by Ivan Chew
Ivan this is a butch love cry if ever I heard one. Love the gravelly twang in yo...
Mon, Mar 19 5:02 AM economix review of Bitter 16 by ThirteenthMonkey
Superb work, really slick remix. Haunting lyrics. professional sound.
Sun, Mar 18 7:12 AM economix review of The Day I Went Insane by Scomber
This song is being used to educate students about the features of mental illness...
Sun, Mar 18 5:29 AM economix review of Our Heroes by Ivan Chew
Causes are suspect totemism in the postmodern age, a dilemna which leaves no her...
Wed, Mar 14 8:17 AM economix review of Route 17 by djolliej
DJRCHIVE, I humbly wonder if this is any use
Fri, Mar 2 10:48 PM economix review of Tell Somebody by Admiral Bob
I am looking for a song of celebration to use for graduation. Something to play ...
Fri, Mar 2 4:01 AM economix review of Can't We All Just Get Along? by copperhead
The lyrics as I hear them reach out your hand extend it to another let's make a...