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J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Sun, Jul 18 2:36 PM J.Lang review of Secret Spirits by Darkroom
This Is GREAT. Jazzy with a few unexpected turns.Well done.
Sun, Jul 18 2:30 PM J.Lang review of Perspective by bangcorrupt
Thank you very much for the Remix. great use of the samples. Very well done.
Sun, Jul 18 2:24 PM J.Lang review of Morning Light by Jeris
Smooth and Kool
Sun, Jul 18 1:59 PM J.Lang review of On the Bridge by Snowflake
Sun, Jul 18 7:17 AM J.Lang review of My Foolish Secret by ScOmBer
This Is Sweet. Love is.
Sun, Apr 18 10:36 AM J.Lang review of Wishing Well by Loveshadow
just like Apoxode I'm smiling. Love this track. Well done well done
Sun, Apr 18 9:27 AM J.Lang review of The Meaning Of Words by Radioontheshelf
The Vocals completely compliment the track. Thank you and well done .
Sun, Apr 18 8:44 AM J.Lang review of Why Aren't We Getting Anywhere? by Admiral Bob
Oh My, Great mix and that bass touches my soul.
Sun, Apr 18 8:12 AM J.Lang review of blackSnow by airtone
Your Music always takes me on a journey. Well done.
Sun, Apr 18 7:47 AM J.Lang review of Night Glow by ScOmBer
Fantastic !!! Love the east meets west approach. As always nicely done.
Sun, Apr 18 7:38 AM J.Lang review of Notice by SackJo22
Very cool, chill and relaxing and yet very powerful.
Sun, Apr 18 7:27 AM J.Lang review of Menthol by 7OOP3D
Very Very Nice. Great Mix.
Sun, Apr 18 7:21 AM J.Lang review of Notice Me by Snowflake
Eyes closed and the feeling of floating in the clouds. A beautiful track that t...
Sun, Apr 18 7:14 AM J.Lang review of Ghosts In Your Mind by Darkroom
26 samples.... wow. You make them sound perfect for each other. Great arrangemen...
Sat, Jan 9 12:18 PM J.Lang review of β™₯ L.O.V.E. β™₯ by RizKeyG
Great Mix and that bass is funky fo sho