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J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Mon, Jan 13 12:52 PM J.Lang review of Focus on Love by Scomber
Yes Very Kool. Love what you did with Kara's vocals.
Wed, Jan 8 7:43 PM J.Lang review of Endurance by Zep Hurme
Zep & Scomber nice combination. Old school groove for sure. Kool
Wed, Jan 8 7:36 PM J.Lang review of Late Night Smoke by Robbero
Damn !!!! That Low end is Crazy... love it. Sweet drums. Nice track. Nice mix.
Wed, Jan 8 7:32 PM J.Lang review of Broken Impro Boogie by Javolenus
Smooth and So Kool.
Wed, Jan 8 7:28 PM J.Lang review of Shehnai by Stefan Kartenberg
That Flute is soooooo good. Love this
Sun, Jan 5 3:24 PM J.Lang review of What You Want To by Stefan Kartenberg
Impressive to say the least. Great pop, rock song with a soulful vibe.
Sun, Jan 5 2:42 PM J.Lang review of Session Horns by Stefan Kartenberg
Funky, Funky Funky!!!!!!
Sun, Jan 5 2:40 PM J.Lang review of The New Year's Eve Party by texasradiofish
Sorry I late to the party, but this is awesome.
Sun, Dec 22 9:32 AM J.Lang review of Silent Night (Women's Choir) by Snowflake
Fri, Dec 20 8:06 PM J.Lang review of Silent Night (Snowflake and Martijn de Boer mix) by Speck
Sweet and peaceful well done.
Fri, Dec 20 8:04 PM J.Lang review of From The Folks On The Street by Radioontheshelf
Well dissevered ED Pick
Sun, Dec 15 12:28 PM J.Lang review of Up on the Housetop by Stefan Kartenberg
Wed, Nov 27 11:51 AM J.Lang review of Paper Hearts (live in Bayreuth) by Siobhan Dakay
Amazing mix. Very Very Nice !!!!
Wed, Nov 27 11:45 AM J.Lang review of Duckett|Kungfu|Stop by KungFu
Kool Very Kool
Wed, Nov 27 11:40 AM J.Lang review of On The Airtone by Jonatha Chance