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Reviews left by J.Lang

Sun, May 12 10:26 AM J.Lang review of reCreation by airtone
A breath of fresh air. Feels like I'm floating. Beautiful
Sun, May 12 10:19 AM J.Lang review of The Reuse of Noise (Angel Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Everything about this is perfect but that bass and your drums... Wow!!! Totally ...
Sun, May 12 10:07 AM J.Lang review of who are u out of the blue by urmymuse
I'm sucker for a funky bass and cool drums and this has it all. Very COOL !!!!
Sun, May 12 9:54 AM J.Lang review of Mary Who Now? by Speck
Different but tasty It's what I call ear candy
Sun, May 12 9:48 AM J.Lang review of Drowning In The Cuervo River by Scomber
That intro is Killer. Great track
Sun, May 12 9:24 AM J.Lang review of Madam Snowflake Speaks by Apoxode
Beautifully put together. I'm a fan of you both, great to see this combination,
Sun, May 12 6:51 AM J.Lang review of Material girl by Stefan Kartenberg
Stefan does hip hop A dance floor hit. Love this and thank you
Sun, Apr 21 5:42 AM J.Lang review of Oh, Love by texasradiofish
Congrats on the Ed Pick. Nicely done my friend.
Sun, Apr 21 5:38 AM J.Lang review of >>Head Strong>> by Scomber
Funky and fun. Love the addition of Frank and Scott. Always quality work from yo...
Sun, Apr 21 5:27 AM J.Lang review of 40 days 40 nights by Kristian Skybound
I'm feeling that laid back feeling you put on this. That bass is is very hypnoti...
Sun, Apr 14 10:16 AM J.Lang review of Crockett's Decision by Rizkey G
Ah the beautiful 80's. Love it. very nice
Thu, Apr 11 3:11 PM J.Lang review of Just Breathe by bangcorrupt
On repeat. This remix is awesome. I love the way you rearranged the vocals, the ...
Sun, Apr 7 8:13 AM J.Lang review of Black to the Night (Ducknetic Mix) by duckett
What's up Duckett. Nice Mix my friends. You and Scomber pretty good combo?
Sun, Apr 7 8:09 AM J.Lang review of Blessed are the Greedy by Dan_Mantau
thank you for including me in this mix. Nice mix
Sun, Apr 7 7:52 AM J.Lang review of Kalte Ohren Schaffel (Cold Ears Shuffle) by Apoxode
Wow this is sweet. That intro gave me a Tears for Fears moment. Has a bit of the...