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J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Sun, Apr 7 8:13 AM J.Lang review of Black to the Night (Ducknetic Mix) by duckett
What's up Duckett. Nice Mix my friends. You and Scomber pretty good combo?
Sun, Apr 7 8:09 AM J.Lang review of Blessed are the Greedy by Dan_Mantau
thank you for including me in this mix. Nice mix
Sun, Apr 7 7:52 AM J.Lang review of Kalte Ohren Schaffel (Cold Ears Shuffle) by Apoxode
Wow this is sweet. That intro gave me a Tears for Fears moment. Has a bit of the...
Sun, Apr 7 7:49 AM J.Lang review of Warm Vacuum Tube by Admiral Bob
Great Mix. love what you added.
Sun, Apr 7 7:44 AM J.Lang review of The New Music House (It's Only Up From Here) by texasradiofish
Digging the ZZ Top feel. After reading what you wrote i was expecting a more Cr...
Sun, Apr 7 7:34 AM J.Lang review of Come Inside by Snowflake
Everything thing the Admiral said and more. Great Mix Sweet vocals, very well do...
Sun, Mar 17 3:24 PM J.Lang review of Pay It Forward [Pitch Shift ReMix] by Jihfa
SWEEEET!!!! love the backing track and production. That's Love.
Sun, Mar 17 3:16 PM J.Lang review of Blessing (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
Love the slow but steady build. This is what i call ear candy.... very sweet. ...
Tue, Mar 5 7:13 PM J.Lang review of The Art of Dying by Scomber
Deep, very sorry for your loss. Great tune.
Tue, Mar 5 7:10 PM J.Lang review of Love is Fuel (featuring Poor Legacy) by Apoxode
You give me too much credit. You did a great job mixing and arranging. Your idea...
Mon, Mar 4 6:58 PM J.Lang review of Getting Old (Don't Wait) by Scomber
Great Track. Thanks for including the lyrics
Mon, Mar 4 6:45 PM J.Lang review of Mr Sun by Robbero
Nice and smooth
Thu, Feb 28 6:49 PM J.Lang review of Amplify by copperhead
Great Pella. Love what you added to it. SWEET!!
Thu, Feb 28 6:43 PM J.Lang review of Prima Donald's Dick by Speck
Funky Funky .......FUNKY!!!!!!
Sat, Feb 23 8:05 AM J.Lang review of That's Love by Alex
Love the way you rearranged the vocals, the drums, the Jeris sample and all the ...