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Mon, Aug 26 6:59 AM J.Lang review of Jimmy Wants To Be A Gangsta by texasradiofish
This mix is top notch, great balance of sounds. Her voice has an Amy Winehouse f...
Thu, Aug 22 5:39 PM J.Lang review of Pay it forward the love ( Remix feat Poor Legacy ) by Dysfunction_AL
Love love love this remix. The build up is awesome. Great choice of sounds. On ...
Sun, Aug 11 5:46 PM J.Lang review of Triptych of Snippets by septahelix
Hypnotic. I love the changes. The drums and piano are amazing.
Sun, Aug 11 5:38 PM J.Lang review of Trance is... (Ambient Cinematic Trance) by Whitewolf
Like Scomber said nice build. Loving the drums and that guitar. Nice work my fri...
Sun, Aug 11 3:56 PM J.Lang review of yellow by cyba
Sun, Aug 11 3:50 PM J.Lang review of Hey, Are You Here? by Kara Square
Well deserved Ed Pick. This is truly beautiful.
Sun, Aug 11 9:57 AM J.Lang review of heart beats by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Awesome mix. Thank you very much.
Sun, Aug 11 7:07 AM J.Lang review of Breathe (Travel Light) by Snowflake
Calming, smooth and beautiful. Your vocals as well as your playing is always to...
Sun, Aug 11 6:54 AM J.Lang review of anyOtherDay by airtone
Sun, Aug 11 6:53 AM J.Lang review of Panacea for the Masses by Apoxode
love the drums. very nice
Sun, Aug 11 6:49 AM J.Lang review of Shine Through (ReDucktion Mix) by duckett
Very Cool. Love the drums and productions
Sun, Aug 11 6:43 AM J.Lang review of Odder Stuff (Duckettized) by 7OOP3D
Dark and very cool mix
Sun, Aug 11 5:44 AM J.Lang review of Blind Love (Gypsy Dub) by Scomber
Great remix!!! Very well put together. I love the duet and the over all producti...
Sun, Aug 11 5:32 AM J.Lang review of Funky Moon by Stefan Kartenberg
Funky and fun
Sun, Aug 11 5:23 AM J.Lang review of >MJ by panu
Very nice mix