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Reviews left by J.Lang

Sun, Aug 11 5:44 AM J.Lang review of Blind Love (Gypsy Dub) by Scomber
Great remix!!! Very well put together. I love the duet and the over all producti...
Sun, Aug 11 5:32 AM J.Lang review of Funky Moon by Stefan Kartenberg
Funky and fun
Sun, Aug 11 5:23 AM J.Lang review of >MJ by panu
Very nice mix
Sun, Jul 28 1:29 PM J.Lang review of Hang Low by Zep Hurme
Makes me want to dance. nice work
Sun, Jul 28 1:26 PM J.Lang review of Amplify the Light Remix by Geminaut
Nice but TOOOOOOO short
Sun, Jul 28 1:24 PM J.Lang review of Freedom (In America) by Speck
I'm feeling the Latin feel on this. Nice mix.
Sun, Jul 28 1:21 PM J.Lang review of Good Night by Siobhan Dakay
Nice, I love your drums/ percussions on this track.
Tue, Jul 23 5:07 PM J.Lang review of Lightning and Thunder by Loveshadow
top notch remix, love the changes.
Thu, Jul 18 7:12 PM J.Lang review of Dream Meadow by Apoxode
Deep, Dreamy and Smooth.
Thu, Jul 18 6:58 PM J.Lang review of Leaving Babylon by Zep Hurme
Love this track but that bass... is killer. Ed pick for sure.
Thu, Jul 18 6:41 PM J.Lang review of 40 Days 40 Nights by Alex
Love it!!!!!
Wed, Jul 17 7:11 PM J.Lang review of Been Like That Too by texasradiofish
Funky funky funky
Tue, Jul 16 5:18 PM J.Lang review of Drunk TXT by Section_808
Love this fella, looking forward to working with it. I found the original on Itu...
Tue, Jul 16 4:59 PM J.Lang review of Pick It Up - Drunk TXT by Alex
Stunning!!! So today. This is hot. Very well produced.
Fri, Jun 14 2:22 PM J.Lang review of inTENsity (scratch mix) by Scomber
Funky and Kool