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J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Sun, Feb 19 8:18 AM J.Lang review of Im Waiting 123--- by AT
Hot Mix. Very Well done AT.
Mon, Jan 30 12:54 PM J.Lang review of Lonely Man by Jeris
What a groove on this.. NASTY !!!! That bass and Keys... so Nasty it's Sweet. I ...
Mon, Jan 30 12:43 PM J.Lang review of What's Wrong Baby? (cdk DubStep Chill Mix) by Analog By Nature
Very Nice CDK.
Thu, Jan 26 5:33 PM J.Lang review of Flyer by Snowflake
Fun Fun Fun...
Thu, Jan 26 2:24 PM J.Lang review of simple things remix ft. leza2unes by smilingcynic
Simply put.... Beautiful.
Thu, Jan 26 2:18 PM J.Lang review of That's How We Do It by Geert Veneklaas
Ed Pick For sure !!! Love the synth keys on this. The drum track is absolutely p...
Thu, Jan 26 2:12 PM J.Lang review of Gonna Love You More by Ivan Chew
Great Vocals. Beautiful track.
Thu, Dec 15 12:42 PM J.Lang review of mag_-_kendra_-_Side-Step by magmavander
Great Instrumental.
Mon, Dec 5 12:58 PM J.Lang review of SackJo1000 (The Susan Drum Machine) by Jeris
I first heard this on my iPhone and it sounded pretty damn good. Listening to it...
Mon, Dec 5 12:53 PM J.Lang review of Just Breath by DavidNilsson
Outstanding mix, and a well deserved Ed Pick.
Tue, Nov 29 1:10 PM J.Lang review of Waltzing on High by Syenta
Interesting Mix.
Tue, Nov 29 1:04 PM J.Lang review of Dimension by ghosts4hire
I'm Digging This.
Sun, Nov 27 8:24 AM J.Lang review of Simple Ukelele Strum Loop by Donkey Horse Mule
This is beautiful.
Sun, Nov 27 8:23 AM J.Lang review of DReam by Snowflake
You could sing the yellow pages and i think i would love it Great Job as alwa...
Thu, Nov 24 7:12 AM J.Lang review of A thousand ways to lose your mind by Scomber
Very well done Scomber.