Break the Silence Event-extended!
J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Fri, Jun 17 7:02 PM J.Lang review of Cuckoo (passive-aggressive mix) by cinematrik
Wow !!! Hot ass mix. Takes me away. 5 big stars!!!!
Fri, Jun 17 1:55 PM J.Lang review of Below (frozen in time mix) by cinematrik
Radio ready for sure. 5 stars and then some.
Fri, Jun 17 1:51 PM J.Lang review of The King-teru-remix by teru
Great guitar work, I really like this track. So very cool.
Fri, Jun 17 1:42 PM J.Lang review of Below the Beyond(Revised) by Whighte Mike
Your song don't suck they just need some work and some time. Nice try, keep it u...
Fri, Jun 17 1:33 PM J.Lang review of CooKoo Puffz by Whighte Mike
Ok track ..needs a better mix.
Fri, Jun 17 1:10 PM J.Lang review of Fourstoned Interlude by teru
Hot track, as every one else said great wah wah.
Fri, Jun 17 1:07 PM J.Lang review of Flowmenco by LF Flow
Great track.
Wed, Jun 8 2:27 AM J.Lang review of New Idea by Sensei Loco
To short. Just getting into it and it's over. I loved what i heard and want more...
Wed, Jun 8 2:22 AM J.Lang review of Sound of the Future by teru
Hot track. I like the slow build up. 5 stars
Fri, Jun 3 1:03 PM J.Lang review of Again by The Unrecorded
Great track...great sounds...great mix...Great!!!!!
Fri, Jun 3 12:54 PM J.Lang review of OFFICIAL SOUNDS by ASHWAN
Great track !!!!!!!!!
Fri, Jun 3 12:51 PM J.Lang review of Hamlets' Theme by fourstones
Love the guitar playing and the mix of the vocals tracks. Great track.
Fri, Jun 3 12:27 PM J.Lang review of BOOJ-WAH-ZHE by Ms.Vybe
I Like this track a lot. I can hear someone singing to this with a different dru...
Fri, Jun 3 12:06 PM J.Lang review of Still Hustlin nixx remix by nixx_
Wow!!! Although not my favorite mix of Still Hustlin, i think this a good mix. I...
Wed, Jun 1 6:52 AM J.Lang review of The poet by The fog society
Great sounds.