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J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Sun, Jun 19 5:09 PM J.Lang review of on loc by ARTISANS of WAR
Nice. Drums have that Timbo feel to them, but still nice.
Sun, Jun 19 11:19 AM J.Lang review of baby girl (re-mixed) by P.Mac
Much better than the last one. what tempo did u use on this?
Sun, Jun 19 11:12 AM J.Lang review of One Loop Below by Cezary Ostrowski
Out there just like you, but always intriguing. Another job well done.
Sun, Jun 19 11:08 AM J.Lang review of Simmer Lo (J. Lang vs. SinQ) by fourstones
Kool mix, i like the guitar playing ( i wish i could play). ( Lomon Andrews doi...
Sun, Jun 19 11:00 AM J.Lang review of Cuckoo (lonely remix) by shockshadow
A beautiful song to match her beautiful voice. Great job.
Sun, Jun 19 10:58 AM J.Lang review of Summer Soul by SinQ
Very nice.
Sun, Jun 19 5:35 AM J.Lang review of below-DU-first-remix by deutscheunschuld
Yeah....Oh yeah!! I love a track that i can feel and i'm feeling this. Love the ...
Sat, Jun 18 1:17 PM J.Lang review of Below (kiddphunk driving home remix) by kiddphunk
Very creative and great job with the samples. I love the track but i would have...
Sat, Jun 18 6:52 AM J.Lang review of Hey Baby Girl (I think I have enough Remix) by BUNNIES GONE BAD
Love the music, but the track sounds out of sync in some places. I tried to tak...
Sat, Jun 18 6:46 AM J.Lang review of No Meaning No by THE "ANT-EATER"
Looking around @ some older stuff and WOW I love this. Is that u on the 1 and ...
Sat, Jun 18 3:31 AM J.Lang review of One Flew Below (ex-static mix) by Cezary Ostrowski
It's people like you that keep me on my toes. Great job.
Fri, Jun 17 7:02 PM J.Lang review of Cuckoo (passive-aggressive mix) by cinematrik
Wow !!! Hot ass mix. Takes me away. 5 big stars!!!!
Fri, Jun 17 1:55 PM J.Lang review of Below (frozen in time mix) by cinematrik
Radio ready for sure. 5 stars and then some.
Fri, Jun 17 1:51 PM J.Lang review of The King-teru-remix by teru
Great guitar work, I really like this track. So very cool.
Fri, Jun 17 1:42 PM J.Lang review of Below the Beyond(Revised) by Whighte Mike
Your song don't suck they just need some work and some time. Nice try, keep it u...