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J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Thu, Jul 14 7:33 AM J.Lang review of Can't We...-teru-remix by teru
Nice very very nice.
Wed, Jul 13 6:46 PM J.Lang review of Brilliant Daze (days are confused mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Another great job. I do hear that 80's groove to it. It's not a bad thing. I me...
Wed, Jul 13 6:42 PM J.Lang review of Don't Stop (Shakey Mix) by Shakey
Welcome to club. Good job, i'm looking forward to hearing more.
Wed, Jul 13 6:41 PM J.Lang review of Lisa's a Star by teru
You had me at the first note. Jazzy, sweet, funky and cool. Teru your always on ...
Wed, Jul 13 6:36 PM J.Lang review of Below (Lmix) by L
Nice mix. very good job with the mix of the vocals. I really like the drums. G...
Wed, Jul 13 6:24 PM J.Lang review of A Merry Bird by rajajuju
Makes me want to dance....i like it.
Wed, Jul 13 6:22 PM J.Lang review of coast to coast-DU-remix by deutscheunschuld
Damn DU ya make me proud....Funky and cool. I like this better than mine. 10 big...
Sat, Jul 9 2:28 AM J.Lang review of Sweet Substitue (Lo Carb Mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Very impressive. Great mix of both pellas. First class production. 5 big stars
Sat, Jul 9 2:17 AM J.Lang review of Below (the Crescent Moon) by rajajuju
Thu, Jul 7 7:05 PM J.Lang review of My True Love by SoLaRiS
Really cool sounds, but not crazy about the vocals with this track. I'm feeling ...
Thu, Jul 7 7:00 PM J.Lang review of Henry Kane Is Coming (poltergeist possession mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Crazy, funky, cool. Like the crazy vocals, dig that funky beat and bass and it...
Thu, Jul 7 6:47 PM J.Lang review of Sweet Life by ASHWAN
Wow Very nice. 5 big stars
Wed, Jul 6 5:33 PM J.Lang review of 123 the solo by jb1457
Drum loop is off unless you want it that way. I'd like to hear this with out the...
Wed, Jul 6 5:29 PM J.Lang review of Bollywood Noir by rajajuju
Funky Flavor and a lot of spice. Nice.
Wed, Jul 6 5:27 PM J.Lang review of Akashic Mutation #3 by rajajuju
Sounds like something from a movie, I like it.