Magic Hours Secret Mixter Tracks
J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Sat, Jan 9 8:44 AM J.Lang review of It Hurts Me by Lasswell
Blown away with your treatment of this beautiful vocal. Amazing !!!!!!!
Sat, Jan 9 8:35 AM J.Lang review of A Funky Smooth Departure by Speck
The Key Word....COOL. This is very cool, love your choice of samples and the liv...
Sat, Jan 9 8:20 AM J.Lang review of Cactus Love (It Hurts Me) by Songboy3
Welcome back and I hope you are feeling better. Amazing.
Sun, Dec 13 9:49 AM J.Lang review of Severed Roots by Kara Square
I'm very sad to hear of the loss of your father. My prayers are with you and you...
Sun, Dec 13 9:35 AM J.Lang review of Kung Fu Xaphoon by septahelix
Sun, Dec 13 9:05 AM J.Lang review of moonlight by airtone
As someone said magical from the very start. Love that kick and your laid back ...
Sun, Dec 13 7:42 AM J.Lang review of Light In A Window by Loveshadow
Always Quality Work. Loving your soulful latin vibe. I'm still waiting for that ...
Sun, Dec 13 7:36 AM J.Lang review of Hope (Come Together "Secret Mixter") by Rewob
Bobbing my head from the first note.
Sun, Dec 13 7:33 AM J.Lang review of walking man by panu
Always at the top of your game. This is excellent
Sun, Dec 13 7:21 AM J.Lang review of Wait here for you by ScOmBer
Wow great Duet. Congrats on the Ed Pick
Sun, Dec 13 7:16 AM J.Lang review of En Shenandoah by Down With Ben
I Love the Airtone Sample and your treatment of this is perfect.
Sun, Dec 13 7:11 AM J.Lang review of Per Chance, Universe? by tigabeatz
Very Cool Mix my friend.
Sun, Dec 13 7:05 AM J.Lang review of Dreams by Stefan Kartenberg
Peaceful. very nice mix
Sun, Dec 13 6:57 AM J.Lang review of Stay by Jeris
80's feel good Rock!!!! Great Mix
Sun, Dec 13 6:52 AM J.Lang review of For You, I'll Jazz There (feat DJazzlang) by Siobhan Dakay
What a treat to wake up to. I love your added touches. Well done and thank you v...