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Reviews left by Kwame

Wed, Feb 6 2:10 PM Kwame review of Crossing the Line by Da Rippa
Nice remix! Love the melody. Great work on vocal too.
Wed, Feb 6 3:05 AM Kwame review of Remixah Leejun (CC MIXTER) by Alex
The bassline is crazy and the fx you used to bring the melody is great, it bring...
Wed, Feb 6 3:01 AM Kwame review of Hypnotic Place (version 2) by murat ses
Nice ! I like the tribal drums (percs) and the melody you bring... It remids m...
Thu, Jan 31 7:09 AM Kwame review of Horsefeathers by duckett
Nice! Will use it soon.
Tue, Jan 29 12:56 PM Kwame review of What I gonna do (captain beef mix) by captainbeef
Nice beat! I love it!
Tue, Jan 29 5:05 AM Kwame review of Called out on the bubble (embrace spontaneity mix) by plurgid
I had the same problem, trying to improove my technic and I lost my feeling... F...
Tue, Jan 29 4:54 AM Kwame review of Remixah Leejun* (ccMixter) BOOTLEG reMIX by J.Lang
Nice one. A bit diferent from your usual type of track (mostly the drums), prob...
Sun, Jan 27 3:15 AM Kwame review of CC Remixter Leejun by DISTROKER
Great job! A lot of work on that one and it works at first listen. Really cool...
Sat, Jan 26 2:28 AM Kwame review of psychopathic rhymes by eddiebingo
Great pell! If someone got the BPM, help would be appreciated I had 2 days look...
Thu, Jan 24 11:48 AM Kwame review of Cannibal Shit RMX by DISTROKER
Nice beat and mix. Love the big drums and melo. Great job!
Wed, Jan 23 2:49 PM Kwame review of This Is Our Music by DJ.E-State
Yep, that's right! Back in the business.. ;) Hum! Love those drums! (New Drum P...
Wed, Jan 23 6:19 AM Kwame review of Legionary by Abhi S.V.
Cool beat. Love how it start! Great piano too.
Mon, Jan 21 9:17 AM Kwame review of Rise Again* The j.lang TREATMEANT by J.Lang
WOW! That track is great. Love the piano and the way all is mixed. Great work ...
Fri, Jan 18 10:06 AM Kwame review of Remixah Leejun(CC Mixter) Ghettodragon Remix by Ghettodragon
That beat is DOPE all had been said...
Wed, Jan 16 7:55 AM Kwame review of The Jump Off (Leejun Remixah) by Da Rippa
What a beat!!! Just what that acappella needed! Great work.