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Dysfunction_AL (destinazione_altrove):

Reviews left by Dysfunction_AL

Tue, Feb 17 8:44 AM Dysfunction_AL review of Seal People by Skill_Borrower
Nice track, love the fractured/glitch piano
Tue, Feb 17 8:42 AM Dysfunction_AL review of Fluoride by unreal_dm
Very beautiful combination of good sound & arrangement. The chorus is really nic...
Sat, Jan 17 4:05 PM Dysfunction_AL review of Cluelow_Forester - Vitamins - willdeop remix by willdeop
Very tasty genuine analog sound, lovely fat synthesizers.. i +love+ it
Sat, Jan 17 3:59 PM Dysfunction_AL review of Spank That Funky Butt by texasradiofish
oh man.. laughs and good music, genuine funk ( oh, sure, it spanks ), I do not t...
Sat, Jan 17 3:43 PM Dysfunction_AL review of Lady Ethanol by Scomber
A completely different perspective, everything blends perfectly although it is v...
Sat, Jan 17 3:34 PM Dysfunction_AL review of The Massive Session by diaphane
Wow! it reminded me of a song that I love to madness - Smoke City Underwater Lov...
Sat, Jan 17 3:16 PM Dysfunction_AL review of Vitamins by Zep Hurme
unconventional arrangement which is revealed slowly and surprisingly, the sound ...
Sat, Jan 17 3:12 PM Dysfunction_AL review of Hope & Pray by Loveshadow
Thanks for the trip sir. i love it.
Thu, Jan 8 12:16 PM Dysfunction_AL review of Lost (Robbero remix) by Robbero
This remix is really very nice, relaxing deep house track, great quality.
Wed, Dec 31 5:58 PM Dysfunction_AL review of I'm Falling For My Kind of Girl by copperhead
Ah AAh! Welcome to the electronic world.. I guess you're not new to this world, ...
Wed, Dec 31 5:38 PM Dysfunction_AL review of time to go by Kristian Skybound
Click, play.... Wow!. Well done, the music fits perfectly the 'pella, the infini...
Wed, Dec 31 5:30 PM Dysfunction_AL review of Snowflake - Sailboat - willdeop mix by willdeop
Hey man. Love, much love, so, so.. SO much love. Love the dope groove, obscure, ...
Wed, Dec 31 5:24 PM Dysfunction_AL review of Waiting by Zep Hurme
Boss of the Masters,
Tue, Dec 16 2:46 AM Dysfunction_AL review of Holiday Funky Blues by Snowflake
Thanks for this! , it is a pleasure to listen to it and adds that different touc...
Tue, Nov 18 8:42 AM Dysfunction_AL review of Shadows in the Hourglass by Admiral Bob
Super sounding, enjoyable armonies, a bit of Santana, a bit of Buddah Bar Wow