Time of Terror Remix Event

Reviews left by daniloprates

Fri, Jul 17 5:27 AM daniloprates review of Once Upon A Time Acapella by WolfFly
That's so beautiful!
Sat, Jul 11 10:25 AM daniloprates review of Let Me Breathe by mykleanthony
This is as sad as powerfull! Beautifuly done!
Sun, Jun 28 12:49 PM daniloprates review of Like the Rain by Apoxode
Wow, that's super cool 😎 thanks for having me included!
Sun, Nov 24 6:14 AM daniloprates review of Slum Kid (Endurance) by 7OOP3D
What a great coincidence :) I could only listen in my phone's speaker, in a loud...
Thu, Jan 11 10:33 AM daniloprates review of Downstairs (Atomic Shelter Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
hey, that's a great mix! Camila also loved it. Thanks a lot!
Tue, Jan 2 1:32 AM daniloprates review of JanuarySummer by airtone
Hey, that's great! thanks for embracing my idea. I really like how you've done i...
Fri, Nov 24 6:40 AM daniloprates review of First Snow by Javolenus
🔥 christmas 🔥
Mon, May 15 9:34 PM daniloprates review of Serenity of Pinkish Peas by annabloom
honor to be part of a annabloom production!
Mon, Jan 16 2:41 PM daniloprates review of The F Words by Stefan Kartenberg
hey, thank you very much for using my pell. great song you created! (obs: I've ...
Mon, Nov 16 10:40 AM daniloprates review of Fallwind by 7OOP3D
wow!great stuff! thanks a lot!!!
Mon, Nov 9 6:32 AM daniloprates review of Slum Kid (SAW mix) by stellarartwars
hey! very nice mix. thanks for using my stuff =] !
Sun, Jan 25 4:12 AM daniloprates review of Donwstairs by Stefan Kartenberg
hey, that's very beautiful! very interesting the way it completely changes the o...
Sat, Aug 2 2:05 PM daniloprates review of Slum Kid by reiswerk
very nice stuff. thanks for remixing Alvacir. he'll be happy.
Wed, Feb 12 5:58 PM daniloprates review of Downstairs is the forgotten remembered by annabloom
and again i'm so glad for having you working on my stuff. awesome!
Fri, Jan 10 6:00 AM daniloprates review of Downstairs is a Glass of Milk by annabloom by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
very nice remix! thanks for having me on it!