CC Community Music Awards

Reviews left by copperhead

Wed, Jan 23 9:02 AM copperhead review of Alley Walker by Speck
Nicely done. There was a hint of the Beatles psychedelic adventures.
Wed, Jan 23 8:57 AM copperhead review of You Make Me Smile by texasradiofish
The funk master. Awesome song! Thanks for the include.
Fri, Jan 4 4:44 PM copperhead review of NO ONE EVER WILL by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
Love the vocal.
Fri, Jan 4 4:42 PM copperhead review of Mona Lisa Choir by SackJo22
You always do incredible harmonies Susan!
Fri, Jan 4 4:38 PM copperhead review of Menthol (take the chance) by Admiral Bob
Great track Admiral! Awesome vocals! Congrats on the ed pick.
Fri, Jan 4 4:33 PM copperhead review of You Are My Home by Kara Square
I can hear a choir singing along. Lovely song Kara.
Fri, Jan 4 4:30 PM copperhead review of Amplify the Light (pell) by Snowflake
Another fine track. Love your harmonies.
Fri, Jan 4 4:27 PM copperhead review of Tracing My Steps by Radioontheshelf
Very nice. I can hear the arrangement playing in my head.
Fri, Dec 28 5:54 PM copperhead review of The Christmas Star by texasradiofish
Nicely done TRF!
Fri, Dec 28 5:52 PM copperhead review of Mona Lisa Smiles Sing Along by SackJo22
Fantastic song Susan! Your production skills have rose to a new level. Congrats ...
Fri, Dec 28 5:43 PM copperhead review of Snowcore 170 by Apoxode
Great use of samples. Had me groovin'!
Wed, Dec 26 10:47 AM copperhead review of Trained Piano by Speck
Trippy stuff! thanks for the include.
Fri, Dec 21 10:25 AM copperhead review of Victorian Sand by Apoxode
Very enjoyable.
Thu, Dec 20 5:33 PM copperhead review of I Lost the Blues by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice blues and tones.
Tue, Dec 18 12:19 PM copperhead review of Come Sing Along by SackJo22
So nice to hear you again. Very catchy appropriate tune.