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Reviews left by copperhead

Fri, Apr 28 8:09 PM copperhead review of Unbury Your Heart by Snowflake
Absolutely brilliant Madam!!!
Sat, Mar 11 3:32 PM copperhead review of Free Fall Landing Boulevard by texasradiofish
"Just when I was out, they pull me back in" Nice mashup :)
Sat, Feb 4 5:31 PM copperhead review of Neighborhood Girl by texasradiofish
Very cool!
Sun, Oct 30 5:19 PM copperhead review of Do You Belive by Stefan Kartenberg
Really enjoyed working with this vocal.
Sat, Oct 29 11:08 PM copperhead review of Dawn at the Top of the World ft. copperhead & Robert Seikawitch by Ivan Chew
That developed really nicely into some interesting chord structure. Thanks Ivan
Sat, Oct 29 11:03 PM copperhead review of Blue Dot by texasradiofish
Your dudes are very cleaver. Much enjoyed.
Sat, Oct 29 10:53 PM copperhead review of Secret Things by Jeris
love that bass for starters and the vocals sound great. Great mix.
Sat, Oct 29 10:49 PM copperhead review of Escape Pod by Snowflake
Not too many not or too little notes but just the right amount! WOW! That was a...
Sun, Jun 19 8:46 AM copperhead review of Geralyn by Stefan Kartenberg
This is awesome Jeff WOW! So different from the original.
Mon, May 9 5:10 PM copperhead review of Orangutan at the Podium by Admiral Bob
I see this in a movie, someone walking through a club packed with people but not...
Mon, May 9 5:05 PM copperhead review of Die Now, Live Forever by Psykick
This is pretty smoking !
Mon, May 9 12:50 PM copperhead review of The Fish Apologize To Lorelei (Bluemillenium mayday mix 03) by Speck
Classic Speck. Don't know how you put these together but is cool stuff!
Mon, May 9 12:47 PM copperhead review of Ever Forever by Carosone
Started out like the Greatful Dead. The vox from CFM shines nicely with your b...
Mon, May 9 12:41 PM copperhead review of Meaning of the Word by texasradiofish
The funk master!
Sun, May 8 5:48 AM copperhead review of Face in the Crowd by Scomber
A family affair. This is pretty awesome Scomber. I hear a bit of Fleetwood Mac i...