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Reviews left by bombero

Tue, Apr 17 12:00 AM bombero review of Kill Kill Killed by johnnok
If one is not badly awaked, it is necessary to listen to the remixe of Johnnok. ...
Sat, Apr 7 2:21 PM bombero review of Stolen March by oldDog
Very Nice! Cheers!!
Sat, Apr 7 2:15 PM bombero review of Kill Kill Kill _The 187 Mix by J.Lang
Super, even if the lyrics do not have great a deal to see. Really super!!!!
Mon, Apr 2 3:37 AM bombero review of Meltdown by Stab
Shit, It is necessary that I change my reader MP3!!
Mon, Apr 2 3:26 AM bombero review of Time to Take out the Trash by ditto ditto
Sun, Apr 1 3:53 PM bombero review of CybersutraSuite (1958 Hungarian Bop Mix) by John Pazdan
Sun, Mar 25 10:59 AM bombero review of Just One Night(Big Booty Mix) by sunbyrn
I parked my Corvette in double file. Y' had more place on the carpark of Night c...
Sun, Mar 25 10:45 AM bombero review of Blue Panther (a little drum and bass mix) by Analog By Nature
I low do not like too the side `small Duracell rabbit' of Drum and Bass, but I m...
Sun, Mar 25 10:39 AM bombero review of Dedicated (good life mix) by oldDog
Yes,yes,yes!!Very beautiful!Superb!!
Fri, Mar 23 3:42 PM bombero review of Dedicated (cdk mix) by Analog By Nature
Sat, Mar 17 1:54 PM bombero review of Graphic Design ( Musette Rap) by ditto ditto
Ha,ha,ha, very funny! Really super. Cheer for the effect on the voice.Super
Thu, Mar 15 10:39 AM bombero review of Kill Kill Kill (Rap) by DJ Vadim
Cocorico!!!! Enfin des types dont j'vais comprendre les lyrics! On va s'occuper...
Wed, Mar 14 2:06 AM bombero review of Graph-Vic Design by MC Jack in the Box
Cool MC!!! If I were of KFunke I would take your mix. Is it can be just a little...
Sat, Feb 24 3:06 PM bombero review of Calendargirl - January (Mumblemix) by Incoherent Mumble Train
What I say, it is really history of speaking… But the drummers never finish wi...
Sat, Feb 24 2:53 PM bombero review of Diversity by MC Jack in the Box
In fact, without the voices, it was quite as good!.Superb violin and superb base...