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Reviews left by beckfords

Wed, Mar 26 12:52 PM beckfords review of Pequennas Alas (dogmix) by oldDog
stirrs the soul....
Wed, Mar 26 11:02 AM beckfords review of Funny (Treatment) by fourstones
Im sittin back wearin a black tie n kicks sippin a martini ''not shaken, not sti...
Sun, Mar 23 1:13 PM beckfords review of Not Like That ( The Hearts Regret ) by Loveshadow
loveshadow,mr! that left me speechless...
Sun, Mar 23 8:43 AM beckfords review of Just One Night (K's Soul Kiss Mix) by KCentric
perfectly executed,gets a big thumbs up from here in da uk! its like sippin bran...
Sun, Mar 23 8:05 AM beckfords review of Scented Candles (flickawrist vibe) by shagrugge
im no producer but i have ears n feet!an this track is candy for them both!great...
Fri, Mar 21 9:01 AM beckfords review of What ya talkin bout? (Hip-Hop Soul Mix) by KCentric
love that flava,rawkus n chilled,hiphop at its best..
Fri, Mar 21 8:39 AM beckfords review of Echo by gillies
i can feel the sun on my face an hear the sea breeze..sublimely chilled n soulfu...
Fri, Mar 21 4:29 AM beckfords review of FAYE by Zae
daaaamn girl!!! great voc's.truly.
Fri, Mar 21 3:29 AM beckfords review of Shaking my Shook by radiotimes
great track! love the afro latin brasillian rythm,im a big fan of this kinda gen...
Thu, Mar 20 1:26 PM beckfords review of Shadows ON 2U by Loveshadow
I'me new an if this is whats on this site then wow.