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Sun, Nov 8 1:54 AM beckfords review of Rebel with no cause by Kojo_Akusa
totaly agree with colab
Sun, Nov 8 1:52 AM beckfords review of Brown & gold (Beat rebel mix) by Kojo_Akusa
great work as always homie
Thu, Nov 5 10:34 AM beckfords review of GuestsofNature meets Mykleanthony by mykleanthony
oh yes! now dats da lick
Thu, Nov 5 10:24 AM beckfords review of U TERU S . Birth of Souls by Loveshadow
Wed, Nov 4 9:09 AM beckfords review of Troubled Mine by mykleanthony
superb is an understatement
Wed, Nov 4 9:05 AM beckfords review of Rewired "In My Dreams" (Musetta RMX) by musetta
all i can say is a big WOW!
Sun, Nov 1 3:08 PM beckfords review of Moving With The Season by Loveshadow
well sweet j.
Sat, Oct 24 5:46 AM beckfords review of Murdara / Jess Edit by BOCrew
sounds fantastic! and lyrically on point, any fool who listens to a rhyme and fe...
Tue, Oct 20 3:59 AM beckfords review of I WANT TO SHOUT OUT (dtunez remix) by dtunez
nice chill
Sat, Oct 10 9:38 PM beckfords review of Rebel with no cause (summertime) by bullfit1
very smooth, very very smooth
Sat, Oct 10 9:35 PM beckfords review of Noite de carnaval by bigbonobo
love this!
Fri, Oct 9 8:15 AM beckfords review of If you cant (deeper mix) by Kojo_Akusa
gets a bigfrom me for sure!love tha chord structure & the development of the tra...
Fri, Oct 9 2:27 AM beckfords review of Walk On Essen11 by mykleanthony
gwaaaaarn. this is dope, an im late! but better late than never
Sat, Oct 3 2:45 PM beckfords review of You are by Frankie Esse
salve frankie! benvenuto to the big CC, questo e bene! eccezionale. great produc...
Tue, Sep 29 1:43 PM beckfords review of Dedicated by logos
you knows i got a soft spot for jazz & good mc'ing .. you gone done a excellent ...