Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by annabloom

Fri, Oct 5 6:22 PM annabloom review of Spinning in a Spiral by debbizo
great mix, many
Fri, Oct 5 5:14 PM annabloom review of SC Agnews 10 (lamppost) by Mr_Yesterday
wow indeed - i sometimes find myself pressing my ear against things and then pit...
Fri, Oct 5 3:01 PM annabloom review of Reclaim The Rain feat. Donnie Ozone,annabloom & khidir by Wired Ant
drop the coin right into the slot - great little stomper that is
Thu, Oct 4 11:50 AM annabloom review of café connection by morgantj
it's been sitting there over 3 years and now i found it
Wed, Oct 3 2:25 PM annabloom review of Wired And Wobbly by Speck
wired and wicked, a machine on the loose
Mon, Sep 24 4:13 PM annabloom review of White In The Moon by Speck
you did it again, the 21st c. dada art song (in analogy to anchor's take on the ...
Mon, Sep 24 4:10 PM annabloom review of The Complete Sigmund Freud Ballads by Anchor
fantastic: humour and music. dada lives on. ultima cigaretta
Mon, Sep 24 12:58 PM annabloom review of Nathan the Fascist Pig by radiotimes
great song - and i love title (as well). reminds me of this german cartoon about...
Fri, Sep 21 4:58 PM annabloom review of When I Look Up At The Sky by Zep Hurme
bang - right in the middle
Fri, Sep 21 4:55 PM annabloom review of Zugzwang feat. Javolenus by Wired Ant
yes, the rhythm, the sound, makes my old legs want to jump and wiggle (du sche...
Thu, Sep 20 4:37 PM annabloom review of Resolution Don't by TheDICE
an accomplished mix, i like it a lot (and don't worry about the totteham street...
Thu, Sep 20 3:22 PM annabloom review of When I Look Up At The Sky by Kara Square
sad but true we're losing, with every day passing, a bit of wonder. my favouri...