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Tue, Mar 15 6:25 AM Anchor review of Jaime by Admiral Bob
I loved it Admiral - your mandolin has a voice of its own...Deb's voice and poe...
Tue, Mar 15 6:21 AM Anchor review of Russian Orthodox chants with ethnic drumming by Mark Stosberg
Mark this is great... a combined sense of the exotic and the traditional - ve...
Tue, Mar 15 6:16 AM Anchor review of Journey by Jeris
great paring - lush Celtic overwashing and the poetry of Emily!
Tue, Mar 15 6:14 AM Anchor review of Reconnecter by daniloprates
congrats on this remix - MiElle is great 1st choice. Cheers!
Sat, Mar 12 11:40 AM Anchor review of My Apocalypse Now by Jeris
This is very good - has a unique style and an individual presentation - interpr...
Mon, Mar 7 4:22 AM Anchor review of Now That It's Come To This by Succumb2 The Nite
Sun, Mar 6 6:12 AM Anchor review of Dry Splashes Of Words by Speck
a shamanistic evocation.... the utterance of mediums.... and now I am complete...
Fri, Mar 4 1:38 PM Anchor review of Let That Monkey Be by Kara Square
Humor is always welcome..... this was funny & fun!
Fri, Mar 4 5:35 AM Anchor review of Couldn't Care Less by Kara Square
:) U R 2 Phun(k)y = sext me whnvr ...EOM NRP - Tay? I cain't care more at th...
Mon, Feb 28 3:59 PM Anchor review of The Beauty Of Usage by onlymeith
Sun, Feb 27 10:10 AM Anchor review of Goddess Dance by SackJo22
great work! Terra Incognita Unveiled.
Sun, Feb 27 4:31 AM Anchor review of moOn LIght by Loveshadow
delicious....a great song which reflects and resonates deeply with me (a true Lu...
Fri, Feb 25 3:16 PM Anchor review of Lurking (vocals) by Kara Square
sometimes I wonder if more people aren't afraid of Life more than Death.....? I...
Fri, Feb 18 11:03 AM Anchor review of Scottish Hearts by Admiral Bob
love it Admiral!
Mon, Feb 7 2:49 AM Anchor review of Submerged (Come Up For Air) by oberonskye
Oberon! Thanks for a reflective and genuinely individual interpretation. Very ...