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Reviews left by airtone

Mon, May 9 11:40 AM airtone review of May (Mothers) Day by fourstones
wow, that's a great mix, its always interesting and suprising to hear samples th...
Sun, Jun 14 3:55 AM airtone review of Free Culture (Never Easy) by 7OOP3D
great remix, nice addition of vocals, really well produced
Tue, Mar 24 2:16 AM airtone review of Let the sound heal by Jeris
nice mix, works really well
Mon, Mar 23 10:53 AM airtone review of Idiophone and Airophones by reiswerk
nice addition, a great sounding instrument
Sun, Mar 22 4:04 PM airtone review of H2O by Doxent Zsigmond
nice ambient sounds and chord changes, very calming
Sun, Feb 15 8:33 AM airtone review of Howmany Is Toomany (remix 500) by Speck
A fine eclectic mix, thanks for the inclusion.
Fri, Jan 16 8:21 AM airtone review of Open Source Ecology (OSE) by Robbero
excellent mix and always good to here the ideas in projectQuestion’s lyrics
Mon, Nov 17 1:44 AM airtone review of Back Through The Stars by PorchCat
Thanks for this, it has the low-fi, ambient vibe that I found so useful in my mi...
Mon, Jul 7 1:56 PM airtone review of By the river (ft. airtone, panu & Javolenus) by robwalkerpoet
thanks rob, the additions add new dimensions
Sun, Oct 27 6:01 AM airtone review of The Web by Jeris
excellent mix, very contemplative
Sun, Oct 27 5:32 AM airtone review of Faithless by Doxent Zsigmond
good combination of sounds creating a very mellow and surreal mood
Wed, Oct 9 9:58 AM airtone review of Make It Do by Speck
Sounds great, I like the mood created. I've been trying a mix with some of your ...
Mon, Oct 7 5:28 AM airtone review of Working overtime (ft. airtone) by robwalkerpoet
thanks for the remix, the additions work really well.
Sun, Jul 21 5:31 AM airtone review of Blind Joe is Dead, Long Live Blind Joe by Mr_Yesterday
thanks for the mix, abstract and atmospheric. I've heard quite a lot john fahey ...
Mon, May 27 1:56 PM airtone review of Single Entendre by Vidian
simple, but subtle and refined, very sudden ending though.