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Reviews left by airtone

Sat, Jun 19 3:13 PM airtone review of More Water! by Hans Atom
great track!
Sun, May 16 12:21 PM airtone review of Almost Given Up by Loveshadow
excellent mix, well structured and very well produced
Fri, May 7 6:46 AM airtone review of Shadow Dance by ScOmBer
oops, sorry about deleting the track, I've added the instrumental to the downloa...
Sat, Apr 3 6:14 AM airtone review of Heart On Redial by Loveshadow
excellent track. Its good how this site allows ideas to develop in different and...
Fri, Feb 5 6:11 AM airtone review of The Colour Of Blue by rocavaco
I really like how there's plenty of space in the mix, and the guitar and drums a...
Tue, Jan 19 1:13 AM airtone review of Metal Heads by unreal_dm
agree with colab, the backing track is excellent but the pella sounds like it ne...
Sat, Jan 16 5:04 AM airtone review of Crossing The Pond (Floating Buddha Mix) by vo1k1
excellent mix, it was really interesting to hear some familiar sounds in a new c...
Sat, Jan 16 4:54 AM airtone review of WhereDoYouGo #1 by rocavaco
the vocal works very well with this track, although (as you ask for some constru...
Mon, Jan 11 3:50 AM airtone review of contraditions4cajon(monday morning jam) by error404
Thank you for adding the Cajon, it goes really well with the other instruments
Wed, Dec 23 1:27 PM airtone review of Moonlight Drive with SackJo22 by timberman
this is really excellent
Thu, Nov 5 2:08 AM airtone review of milan by grapes
great track, reminds me of four tet
Sun, Sep 27 12:38 AM airtone review of Winter Sunlight by unreal_dm
Great instrumentation and production as usual from you, i think structurally it ...
Tue, Aug 18 2:41 AM airtone review of Mirror (Electronic Epic Mix) by spinmeister
Really liked this, reminded me of St. Etienne in places.