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B3 (abhishek816)

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Abhishek was predominantly in the underground and experimental music scene as a celebrated DJ with the alias of DJ @BHI. He moved on to original compositions because he “had both the technical and the music side of music”. He partnered with his close friend for over a decade, Ankur, who is skilled in re-mastering compositions to a commercial scale and marketing.

Both the band members feel that they “will never be complete, or want to be complete” and that’s why they formed the band B3 with a third invisible member signifying the artist they will collaborate with.

B3’S openness to collaborate makes its music more fresh, new and unpredictable. It makes every track unique with an unexpected flavor and experience. B3’s flexibility to incorporate the most unusual sounds and styles in the most regular genres sets it apart from everyone else, but still keeps it connected to its listeners.
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