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Sun, Nov 4 4:47 AM Loveshadow review of Smooth Session by _ghost
I love it, the atmosphere is great. Execellent use of a whole bunch of parts to ...
Sun, Nov 4 3:33 AM oldDog review of Smooth Session by _ghost
Very relaxing, very classy (and no, not boring!)
Sun, Nov 4 2:13 AM nils review of Surreal in Vienna by _ghost
I love this one, it's one of the best pieces I've found on ccMixter. Yes, a long...
Sun, Nov 4 1:33 AM stefsax review of Smooth Session by _ghost
I think you new free VST multiband compressor work perfect man. Very nice sound...
Sat, Nov 3 6:23 PM victor review of Smooth Session by _ghost
keep experimenting because this is perfect.
Sat, Nov 3 3:12 PM cdk review of Smooth Session by _ghost
this is really great my man, true. nice old school drums, really smooth, awesom...
Sat, Nov 3 3:02 PM FORENSIC review of Smooth Session by _ghost
yo man i'm really feeling this track... nice work...
Sat, Nov 3 1:56 PM ditto ditto review of Smooth Session by _ghost
Excellent..! Super beautiful.
Mon, Sep 17 7:13 AM tazzista review of Dubway by _ghost
Very nice flow, good and short, two times good. strings pizzicato, winds and ...
Sun, Sep 16 4:44 PM WietsE review of Dubway by _ghost
wicked man, this is sooo nicely laid back, well done!
Fri, Sep 14 10:12 AM Transistor Karma review of Dubway by _ghost
nice production!
Wed, Sep 12 5:28 AM J.Lang review of Dubway by _ghost
Nice very Nice...Love that bass, Great Mix !!!!!
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