Reviews left for _ghost

Sun, Apr 21 7:25 AM SherifZineldine review of Contemplations by _ghost
Not really a review but I noticed this song played in the background of this vid...
Tue, Dec 11 5:36 AM Doxent Zsigmond review of There is darkness by _ghost
Brilliant. Guitar part reminds me Mike Oldfield.
Mon, Oct 1 8:57 AM panu review of Little Things (small theme) by _ghost
beautiful musicality & production on this. . . . .
Wed, Jun 6 12:51 AM loforweb review of Reverie (small theme) by _ghost
The themename suits this music well : makes me dream, makes me slow down. Thank ...
Sun, May 8 4:11 PM Milt Reynolds review of Reverie (small theme) by _ghost
Used as soundtrack for my podcast:
Sun, Mar 20 7:31 AM Speck review of Shifted (small theme) by _ghost
Good things come in small packages. Sounds great, thanks for sharing these sampl...
Tue, Nov 24 2:05 PM CSoul review of Ether by _ghost
Very Creative , peace
Sun, Nov 15 7:12 PM ScOmBer review of Ether by _ghost
Sun, Nov 15 3:54 PM fourstones review of Ether by _ghost
well that's just a perfect interpretation and take on Kara's sweet prose. The o...
Sun, Nov 15 2:04 PM Snowflake review of Ether by _ghost
i love the changing radio station effect of the beginning. so brilliant (how did...
Sun, Nov 15 9:26 AM SackJo22 review of Ether by _ghost
Wow. What a beautiful and rich musical sensibility you are capable of. When thin...
Sun, Nov 15 5:30 AM Kara Square review of Ether by _ghost
You've created... an experience. Beautiful... gentle... lovely... I'm touched. T...
Sun, Nov 15 4:07 AM Speck review of Ether by _ghost
Captivating intro, sweet chill pace and space. Very much enjoyed.
Sun, Nov 15 3:35 AM Dan_Mantau review of Ether by _ghost
nice radioeffect in the beginning
Sun, Nov 15 2:35 AM panu review of Ether by _ghost
gorgeous. . .