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Whitewolf (Whitewolf225):

Reviews left by Whitewolf

Sun, Dec 13 5:29 AM Whitewolf review of it was dry, then it rained .... by urmymuse
Very cool!!!
Sun, Dec 13 5:27 AM Whitewolf review of Amor Pirata by reiswerk
I love the 60's organ leads throughout this wonderful tune!
Sun, Dec 13 5:15 AM Whitewolf review of moonlight by airtone
What can I say? I like! excellent vocal treatments all the way through. 3 of ...
Sun, Dec 13 5:12 AM Whitewolf review of blueworld by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Great work! A wonderful mix, excellent tweaking, and your guitar is delicious! V...
Sun, Dec 13 5:08 AM Whitewolf review of Light In A Window by Loveshadow
A beautiful mix, love your Latin flavour!
Thu, Dec 3 7:31 PM Whitewolf review of Lay low by sparky
This my kind of music, 70's thematic. Wonderful!
Tue, Nov 17 8:06 PM Whitewolf review of We will rise to the top by Darkroom
Really cool vibe here, mellow and relaxing.
Tue, Nov 17 7:53 PM Whitewolf review of Yard Signs by Speck
I would have to say..... you nailed it!
Tue, Nov 17 7:37 PM Whitewolf review of Lie To Me Again by Speck
A very cool jazzy remix, almost 60's experimental beatnik spy movie-ish.
Tue, Nov 17 7:33 PM Whitewolf review of Too Deep [Jihfa Remix] by Jihfa
You nailed it!!!
Tue, Nov 17 7:31 PM Whitewolf review of According to Hex by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Wonderful collaboration. From two accomplished musicians, a real treat to hear.
Tue, Nov 17 7:29 PM Whitewolf review of Sally's Waiting by ScOmBer
Brought a tear to my eye, this did. Heart-felt, sensitive and emotional.
Tue, Nov 17 7:18 PM Whitewolf review of Yonic Flora by septahelix
Very cool mix, mellow sound.
Tue, Nov 17 7:15 PM Whitewolf review of Strong Black Coffee by Apoxode
The title caught my attention right away. I live on strong black coffee. This re...
Tue, Nov 17 7:10 PM Whitewolf review of If I could Iā€™d love you by Mr. Pepino
I love the duet and interplay you created with the singers, additionally, the re...