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Reviews left by Whitewolf

Tue, Nov 17 7:06 PM Whitewolf review of The Soldier by Rewob
Tue, Nov 17 7:04 PM Whitewolf review of I Lost Breath by texasradiofish
This is a lovely ballad, and that sax is a powerful addition to BOCrew's vocal. ...
Tue, Nov 17 6:54 PM Whitewolf review of It's Sort Of Ready To Sort Out by Speck
Weird, and kinda creepy. I sort of like it!
Thu, Nov 5 5:39 AM Whitewolf review of Hallows Evening by ScOmBer
Straight up FANTASTIC!
Wed, Nov 4 6:56 PM Whitewolf review of We Are the Dead (VR Graveyard Mix) by duckett
Really freaking cool, from concept to implementation. Right on!
Sun, Nov 1 7:21 PM Whitewolf review of Routes by Radioontheshelf
This tune works for me on many levels. I don't know why, really, but I get a sor...
Sun, Nov 1 7:16 PM Whitewolf review of Perfect Storm by Mr. Pepino
I dig this! Love the funky vibes, and that bass is wild, wonderfully mixed. If t...
Sun, Nov 1 7:11 PM Whitewolf review of Held me close by Darkroom
Great track! Beats and strings stand out, the haunting backing vocals are nicely...
Sun, Nov 1 4:58 AM Whitewolf review of Too Deep by Snowflake
This is great! Your songwriting is excellent, and expanding your vocal repertoir...
Sun, Oct 25 3:42 PM Whitewolf review of The Eyes At Night by Speck
The interplay between the diverse vocals and instruments sound delicious. Great ...
Sun, Oct 25 3:38 PM Whitewolf review of Gloom and Doom - Kara Square and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
Right on! Kara's vocals sound amazing with your backing track. Excellent music!
Fri, Oct 16 7:08 AM Whitewolf review of Seven Doors to the River by texasradiofish
I think this could qualify as a true Monster Mash! Awesome!
Fri, Oct 16 7:07 AM Whitewolf review of Gloom and Doom by Kara Square
It's always incredible to me when I hear a plan come together. Words mix, harmon...
Fri, Oct 16 7:03 AM Whitewolf review of sub javo bubble by panu
I'm a fan! But since I've always been a heavy guitar lover, this hits the spot!
Fri, Oct 16 7:01 AM Whitewolf review of Howl e'en by Speck
Works for me on several levels, wonder if I have this playing in the background ...