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Whitewolf (Whitewolf225):

Reviews left by Whitewolf

Fri, May 15 2:31 PM Whitewolf review of I Found You (Orkess Mix) by Joel Frijters
Awesome! Reminds me quite a bit of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, great!!!
Thu, May 7 7:01 AM Whitewolf review of It's the Sound by Apoxode
Slick, understated yet up front in my libido, it all comes together! Very cool!
Thu, May 7 6:52 AM Whitewolf review of Save the Planet by Ismail Mahmuti
I love this, wonderful backing track, supports the poetry spot on!
Thu, May 7 6:51 AM Whitewolf review of Get It (Again) by mykleanthony
Brilliant! Damn good!
Thu, May 7 6:47 AM Whitewolf review of Lockdown Blues by Speck
Brilliant mix! Enjoyed very much!
Sun, Apr 5 8:25 PM Whitewolf review of Stay Six Feet Away From Me by Speck
"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream" with pretzels and chocolate!...
Sun, Apr 5 8:11 PM Whitewolf review of Don't Come Around (Please Stop) by Doxent Zsigmond
Great mix! Perfect fit, awesome mastering!
Sun, Apr 5 8:07 PM Whitewolf review of Don't Be Afraid by Loveshadow
What everyone else has said, count me in. This song is not only beautiful, it do...
Sun, Apr 5 8:02 PM Whitewolf review of Pandemic by raja_ffm
Very cool, beautiful mix. Catchy beat, love the breaks at 1:32... yeah, this is ...
Sun, Apr 5 7:54 PM Whitewolf review of Virus by Briareus
Love the 60's vibe, fits really well with millaze's vocals. Wonderful creativity...
Sun, Apr 5 7:48 PM Whitewolf review of What? by texasradiofish
A little Miles Davis, a little Vince Guaraldi Trio, and a little Muddy Waters......
Sun, Apr 5 7:42 PM Whitewolf review of Ill Tempered Electro Jazz Jam by Speck
Once again, you made a track that just blew me away. Inventive and insightful, y...
Sun, Apr 5 7:30 PM Whitewolf review of Circling by 7OOP3D
From 3/4 to 4/4... I would never have guessed because this pell is incorporated ...
Sun, Apr 5 7:20 PM Whitewolf review of Head Run (Darkness Failure Me Dub) by Bredren Tek
Kinda creepy.... if this is what you were going for, it worked! Creative soundsc...
Sun, Apr 5 7:15 PM Whitewolf review of Child by Jeris
Honestly, I was hooked from the beginning. This is tight, and really smooth. Tha...